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Level: 50 - 60
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Bastion is one of the realms of the Shadowlands, ruled by the Kyrian Covenant. It is a kingdom of pristine spires and crystalline skies,[2] ordered and purposeful. Souls naturally drawn to service are sent here by the Arbiter to examine their lives, cleanse themselves of their burdens, and work toward a state of virtue so they might ascend to serve the Shadowlands as kyrian—messengers, couriers, and some of the purest souls in the Realm of the Dead.[3][4]

Fresh arrivals to Bastion will become Kyrian Aspirants—wingless beings who train for eons to one day earn their wings and join the ranks of the Ascended. Bastion is also home physical manifestations of tormented thoughts, as the kyrian shed the burdens of their past lives, these then being expelled from their bodies. Only by striking them down can the Kyrian cleanse themselves and achieve ascendance.[1]

Bastion is the residence of Uther the Lightbringer's spirit.


Those who have lived a life of service are drawn to Bastion to assumed the highest duty of all — carrying the souls to the Shadowlands. Amongst Bastion's gleaming spires and sweeping vistas await challenges to test the mettle of the steadfast kyrians.[5]

Bastion is a land of elysian vistas, resplendent skies, gleaming spires, and ethereal sights.[6]


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Map of Bastion.

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  • It is equivalent to real-life religious belief of Heaven.

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