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Altrough some features are not available without active game subscription

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Blizzard (formerly just is Blizzard Entertainment's centralized account system for all their online games including World of Warcraft. For the time being the old site is still online for usage at or (language selector at top-right).


The gaming service was launched in December of 1996.[1]

On January 7th, 2014, Blizzard updated the parental controls to a new default setting that will prevent in-game purchases for accounts that have Parental Controls turned on. This change is to ensure that Parental Controls users will have more control over real-money purchases in Blizzard games.[2]

Blizzard Balance

Main article: Blizzard Balance

Starting with the Diablo III beta test, a new feature called Blizzard Balance is available to store virtual currency purchased with real money to buy game-related services (character transfers, digital products like companions, and items in Diablo III's real-money auction house). 2.0

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The original logo, modified for the 2.0 announcement
  • A new version of launched on March 19, 2009.[3] A preview page was opened in February 2010.
  • The project director of the new is Greg Canessa.
  • The new is expected to support all new Blizzard games.

Transitioning to Blizzard

On September 21st, 2016, Blizzard announced[4] their transition away from the brand to the Blizzard brand to reduce most confusion between the two brands.

On March 23, 2017, received a new makeover as a start for the transitioning away from the brand. The domain remained the same but products such as Shop and the desktop app were renamed from to the Blizzard name format.

On August 14, 2017, Blizzard announced that after listening to feedback from their players they had decided to retain the brand and incorporate it into their logo as "Blizzard"[5]

Supported Games

The 2.0 logo

The following Blizzard games are currently supported on

The following older Blizzard games do not support

World of Warcraft

The original logo

Account merge available

Beginning in spring 2009, World of Warcraft players could merge their original WoW accounts with their account. The procedure is as follows—note that it cannot be reversed:

These steps may have changed.

  1. Create a account
  2. Click the "Merge World of Warcraft account"
  3. Enter your World of Warcraft details
  4. Click the confirm button
  5. You now use your account information when logging in to World of Warcraft.

Required merge

On October 12, 2009, it was announced that WoW accounts would need to be converted into accounts within 30 days. This was mandatory, as a account would be required to log into the game after November 11, and anyone who wants to start a new WoW account has to make a account first. Players who converted their account would be mailed in-game a new penguin companion, in thanks for converting.[6] The first  [Unhatched Mr. Chilly] items were mailed to players three days later, on October 15, 2009.[7]

Once your WoW account had been converted, the current expansion that you played at the time would show up as a 'merged game' in your account. If your WoW account had an authenticator attached to it, it was also be transferred over.

New Community Sites

On December 4, 2010, it was announced that the World of Warcraft community sites (previously at and would now be hosted on[8][9]

Near Legion's launch, the community sites were moved back to their previous domains ( and from which was most likely due to their transitioning decision from the brand.[10]

Old Games

If you still have your old Blizzard games, you can add (US, EU) their (CD-)key to your account so the both are linked together.

Starcraft II beta opt-in

With the Starcraft II beta Blizzard allowed people with a account to opt-in for it. However they required you to have at least 1 Blizzard game linked with your account.


Your account is directly linked to your Blizzard Store account and purchases should show up on your account.

Free Game Time

Since patch 5.4.0 was released, there is now a 7 day free game time available for a limited time only.


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