Battle Krolusk

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NeutralBattle Krolusk
Image of Battle Krolusk
Race Krolusk (Beast)
Level 110 - 120
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Voldunai
Former affiliation(s) Faithless
Location Slithering Gulch[55.2, 35.2] and Vorrik's Sanctum,[48.4, 35] Vol'dun
Status Alive

The Battle Krolusk is a krolusk initially located at the Slithering Gulch in Vol'dun after Kiro procures it from a Faithless Wrangler. During H [110 - 120] Free Ride, Kiro and the player ride the krolusk through the Slithering Gulch back to Vorrik's Sanctum. Afterward, the krolusk can be found stabled outside the sanctum and can be mounted by the player at will. It is faster than a normal ground mount but can only be ridden for up to 1 minute before dropping the player off.

Controlled abilities

Vehicle This creature can be mounted.
  • Ability heroicleap.png  Rampaging Charge — Rushes forward, trampling anything in front of the caster.

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