Battle for Highmountain

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NeutralBattle for Highmountain

110 (Requires 110)




N [110 Daily] Holding Our Ground


Defeat Fel Commander Erixtol in Highmountain.


Our defenses have grown in strength, yet the Legion continues to press their assault on Thunder Totem. There is but one way to put an end to this madness - we must strike at the heart of their forces together and bring these attacks to an end.


You will receive: 14g 60s
Inv misc monsterscales 07.png [Dragonscale of the Earth Aspect]


Our efforts today have prevailed over the Legion's presence, though let us not be remiss - our journey has only just begun.


Lasan Skyhorn
I suggest we be quick. The skies are swarming with those foul beasts.
Our opportunity to strike at the heart of the Legion presents itself. We must bring the battle to the frontlines.
Gossip For the honor of Highmountain. I am ready! [Queue for Scenario]

Stage 1: Securing Thunder Totem

  • Secure the upper portion of Thunder Totem.
Lasan Skyhorn says: Thunder Totem is under siege! Let us save our comrades before we knock that demon vessel out of the sky.

Kill any demons you see and rally the natives until the tracking bar is completely filled.

Stage 2: Base Defense

Mayla Highmountain says: Champions, the Legion seeks to infiltrate Thunder Totem from below. Help push them back!

Take a nearby elevator lift to reach the inner lower level of Thunder Totem.

Stage 3: Incoming!

  • Defend against the wave of attackers. (2)
Mayla Highmountain yells: One of Navarrogg's geomancers is sealing the tunnels to stem the flow of Legion enemies. Defend him at all costs!

Stage 4: Last Defense

Mayla Highmountain yells: Argh!
Mayla Highmountain yells: Heroes... deal with this... fiend.

Stage 5: Regroup

  • Escort Mayla to the frontlines to meet up with Lasan Skyhorn.
Mayla Highmountain says: Good work, heroes. Though only two of the tunnels were sealed, every bit helps.
Lasan Skyhorn says: We are ready to attack the Legion ship. Mayla, champions, meet me outside Thunder Totem. Time to make them pay!
Mayla Highmountain says: Understood. Heroes, lets get to the rendezvous point.

Follow Mayla outside.

Mayla Highmountain yells: Look out!
A Hellfire Infernal lands on the walkway.

Kill the infernal and move on.

Mayla Highmountain yells: We must keep moving!

Stage 6: To the Ship!

  • Reach the Legion ship.
Once aboard, rescue all the captives you can. When my people are safe, set these explosives and get off the ship... fast!
Lasan Skyhorn says: These war eagles will carry us to our destination. Ready to go? Then climb aboard!
Lasan Skyhorn says: I leave it to you to sabotage the Legion ship and rescue our allies. The demon commander is mine!

Stage 7: Free our people.

The captives can be found locked inside cages around the ship.

Stage 8: Destroyed from within.

  • Set Explosives at key positions. (5)

Stage 9: The final fight

Lasan Skyhorn says: Arrgh!
Fel Commander Erixtol says: No one is coming to save you.
Mayla Highmountain says: Hurry heroes! Lasan needs your help!

Take the portal that appears in the main area of the ship once you've set the explosives. Dodge Erixtol's stomp to avoid being stunned and keep moving him out of his rain of fire.

Final Stage: Time to go.

  • Use the eagles to get off the ship.
Lasan Skyhorn says: What a battle! Any moment now this ship will explode into tiny pieces. No matter! One of our eagles will see you to safety!

Mount an eagle once it's flown in to escape. A brief cutscene will play showing you flying away while the Legion ship is exploding, then returns to you landing just outside Thunder Totem in front of Lasan.

You can safely leave the scenario group at this point.

Criteria of


  1. N [110 Daily] Assault on Highmountain
  2. N [110 Daily] Holding Our Ground
  3. N [110 Daily] Battle for Highmountain

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