Battle for Stromgarde

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This article is about the Warfront. For other uses, see Stromgarde (disambiguation).
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Battle for Azeroth Battle for Stromgarde
Battle for Stromgarde
Conflict: The Blood War
Place: Western Arathi Highlands
Outcome: Ongoing

Alliance Alliance

Horde Horde

Commanders and leaders


Alliance forces

Horde forces

Casualties and losses



The Battle for Stromgarde[1] is the first warfront in Battle for Azeroth.

Located in the Arathi Highlands, Stromgarde is one of the key locations in the struggle for controlling of the Eastern Kingdoms. For the Alliance, Stromgarde sits in a critical defensive position. Following the Battle for Lordaeron, the Horde threat still looms over the continent and holding Stromgarde will be key if you hope to keep the Horde's aggression at bay.

For the Horde, securing Stromgarde would set the stage for an assault on the heart of the Eastern Kingdoms and serve as a launching point for a campaign against the worgen of the kingdom of Gilneas. This location is also key in the defense of the blood elven capital, Silvermoon City, in the north.[2]


Maps and subregions

Map of the Arathi warfront.


  • Hatchet Ridge - Allows for collection of wood.
  • Northfold Crossing - Secure a foothold in Arathi.
  • High Perch - Construct a tower, providing fast|naccess to captured locations.
  • Circle of Elements - Construct a Spirit Lodge to bring|npowerful caster units to your army.
  • Drywhisker Mine - Allows for the collection of Iron.
  • Newstead - Construct a Bestiary to recruit|nmounted troops.
  • Valorcall Pass - Train Demolishers to lay siege to Stromgarde.
  • Valorcall Pass - Capture to lay siege to Stromgarde.
  • Stormgarde Keep - Horde
  • Destroyed Great Hall - Capture and Rebuild!
  • Barracks - Primary troop production building.
  • Altar of Storms - Access to powerful player bonuses.
  • Workshop - Vehicle production building.
  • Armory - Upgrade the weapons and armor of units.
  • Great Hall - Main structure which improves the base.
  • Stronghold - Horde
  • Stromgarde Keep - Assault and defeat the enemy commander.
  • Fortress - Horde
  • Ar'gorok - Capture and Rebuild!
    • Great Hall - Main structure which improves the base.
    • Stronghold
    • Fortress
Unknown role
  • Galson's Lode
  • Backwoods
Starting areas



Stage 1 – Reclaim Stromgarde
  • Reclaim our base and secure sources of iron and wood we'll need to raise an army.
Stage 2 – Advancing the Effort
  • Construct the means necessary to defeat the enemy.
Final Stage – The Sacking of Ar'gorok
  • Destroy the enemy's gate and defeat their commander.


Stage 1 – Reclaim Ar'gorok
Reclaim our base and secure sources of iron and wood we'll need to raise an army.
  • Veteran Sargeant[sic] Slayde slain
  • Great Hall rebuilt
  • Hatchet Ridge captured
  • Drywhisker Mine captured
Stage 2 – Advancing the Effort
Construct the means necessary to defeat the enemy.
  • Workshop constructed
  • Demolishers constructed
  • Valorcall Pass captured
Final Stage – The Sacking of Stromgarde
Destroy the enemy's gate and defeat their commander.
  • Stromgarde Gate destroyed
  • Alliance Commander defeated


In order to be eligible to queue for the warfront, players need to be level 120, have an average item level of 320 or higher, and have completed enough of the campaign to have unlocked World Quests.

Alliance Alliance


  1. A [120] The Warfront Looms
  2. A [120] To the Front
  3. A [120] Touring the Front
  4. A [120] Back to Boralus

Zone one-offs:

Warfront one-offs:

Horde Horde


  1. H [120] The Warfront Looms
  2. H [120] To the Front
  3. H [120] Touring the Front
  4. H [120] Back to Zuldazar

Zone one-offs:

Warfront one-offs:

Alliance controls Arathi, Horde contribution phase

During this stage, the Warfront feature is not active for either faction. This stage will last until the Horde contributes enough supplies to reach 100% on their meter.

The Alliance starts off controlling Arathi Highlands. During this stage, Alliance players will be able to go teleport to Arathi, where there will be some things to do:

  • A number of quests to complete.
  • A special World Quest which tasks players with killing a Horde World Boss named N [120EEWQ] Doom's Howl for loot.

Horde characters will not have control of Arathi, and on the docks of Zuldazar, players will be able to donate Profession items, Gold or [War Resources]. Contributing any of these items rewards players with The Honorbound reputation and Artifact Power for your  [Heart of Azeroth], and increases the contributions percentage seen on the map.

Alliance controls Arathi, Horde Warfronts phase

During this stage, the Warfront feature is active for Horde players and starts the countdown clock for Alliance players who wish to access Arathi. This stage will last for 2 days (on beta).

There is no change to the content that is unlocked for Alliance players. They are still able to go to Arathi to complete the quests and kill Doom's Howl for loot.

Horde players will now have a short quest chain that culminates by unlocking the Warfront feature. All ccontribution NPCs will no longer be accepting any items and more Horde soldiers are seen around the docks of Zuldazar. The map will now show that the Warfront is active.

This quest line takes Horde players to Arathi and gets players to scout out Ar'gorok, Drywhisker Mine and Hatchet Ridge as they are the first locations that players will assault in the Warfront. Once the quest chain is complete, players will return to Zuldazar and be allowed to queue up for Warfronts.

Horde controls Arathi, Alliance contribution phase

Just like the first stage, neither team is able to access the Warfront feature at this time. This stage will last until the Alliance reaches 100% contribution.

Now, Horde will be able to teleport to Arathi at any point as they maintain control. There will be some things to do:

  • Complete a number of quests in the area.
  • Kill rare spawns for mounts and toys.
  • Defeat the Alliance World Boss N [EEWQ] The Lion's Roar for loot.

The Alliance will have contributions open, and similar to the Horde, be able to contribute Profession Items, Gold and War Resources for 7th Legion reputation, Artifact Power and contribution percentage.

Horde controls Arathi, Alliance Warfronts Phase

Similar to stage two, Alliance players will be able to access Warfronts and the countdown clock for Horde control of Arathi starts. This phase will also last for 2 days (on beta).

The content that Horde players have will not change. They are still able to teleport to the zone, complete quests and kill the World Boss The Lion's Roar for loot.

Alliance players will now have a short quest chain that culminates by unlocking the Warfronts feature. All contribution NPCs will no longer be accepting any items and the map will now show that the Warfront is active.[3]


Horde: Eitrigg - Danath

Warlord Zakgra yells: This way! A glorious battle awaits!
Eitrigg yells: Warriors of the Horde! Today we rise, our axes thirsting for the blood of our enemies.
Eitrigg yells: Ready your blades! Lok-tar ogar!
Ar'gorok taken
Danath Trollbane says: You dare invade Stromgarde, rightful home of the Trollbanes? Get out of my sight, green-skin.
Eitrigg says: "Green-skin"? Ohoho... now you've made me mad.
Eitrigg says: We need resources to hold them off. Spread out, and bring me some iron and lumber!
Drywhisker Mine & Hatchet Ridge taken
  • Eitrigg yells: Well done. With Drywhisker Mine under our control, we will never want for iron.
  • Eitrigg yells: Hatchet Ridge is ours. We can use its lumber mill to help build our base.
Danath Trollbane says: You impudent worms have no right to be here.
Danath Trollbane says: Soldiers of the League, charge!
Eitrigg yells: Horde, to battle! Crush those cowardly castle-dwellers before they breach our gates!
Buildings complete
  • Eitrigg yells: We have a barracks, now train those grunts!
  • Eitrigg yells: The Armory is complete. Get those forges up and running!
  • Eitrigg yells: The Altar of Storms has been completed.
  • Eitrigg yells: Our Great Hall is now a Stronghold!
  • Eitrigg yells: The Workshop is ready. Build some demolishers, and show the Alliance how easily its walls crumble.
  • Eitrigg yells: Our Stronghold is now a Fortress!
Areas taken
  • Eitrigg yells: Well fought. With Northfold Crossing captured, we can focus on bigger targets.
  • Eitrigg yells: I hope the dogs are hungry. With Horde banners flying over Newstead, we can now train wolf riders.
  • Eitrigg yells: The elements answer the call of the Horde. As it should be.
The Motherlode event
Wistel Silversnitch says: Looks like our miners hit the jackpot! You get it back to our base in one piece, and we'll all benefit greatly.
Wistel Silversnitch yells: The Motherlode is safe and sound. Come grab your share!
Yogursa event
  • Wistel Silversnitch says: Ooh, look at the size of THAT thing. Hey! Anyone wanna go kill it?
Broken War Trike event
  • Wistel Silversnitch says: Listen, you find any spare wartrike parts out there, lemme know. You can take her for a spin once she's runnin' again.
Eitrigg attacked
  • Eitrigg yells: My blades will rend your flesh!
  • Eitrigg yells: My axe hungers for blood!
  • Eitrigg yells: There is joy in victory!
High Perch captured
Eitrigg yells: High Perch belongs to the Horde. Or should I say... the "green-skins".
Danath Trollbane yells: Hmph. You and your kind are all the same. You'll die on your knees, just like the rest.
Alliance troops victorious
Danath Trollbane yells: Brave soldiers of the League, it is time.
Danath Trollbane yells: Crush Ar'gorok, for Arathor! For Stromgarde! FOR THE ALLIANCE!
Valorcall Pass captured
Eitrigg yells: Bring in the demolishers! Take down that gate! Let's show that Trollbane fool what a few green-skins can do!
Danath Trollbane yells: Stromgarde still stands, orc. I'll enjoy watching your corpse float in my moat. Defenders, show them the strength of our city!
Eitrigg yells: The gates have fallen! Now take the fortress!
Danath Trollbane yells: I have killed thousands of your kind before. You are no different.
Attacking Danath
  • Danath Trollbane yells: Third division, fire!
  • Danath Trollbane yells: No one will miss that one! (player's death)
  • Danath Trollbane yells: Ramparts, let your arrows fly!
  • Danath Trollbane yells: Now you know your place. (player's death)
  • Danath Trollbane yells: Die, mongrel!
Danath Trollbane yells: One day, Stromgarde WILL belong to the Alliance again.
Eitrigg yells: The Alliance is no match for our strength. For the Horde!
Grezla Bloodfury yells: Hold the line! Nothing gets through!
Grezla Bloodfury says: Your strength is no match for an orc!
  • Gwyndra Wildhammer yells: The skies... call.
  • Rokk Stoneblood yells: Hold the Perch and the skies are ours!
  • Rokk Stoneblood yells: Let them try and break our defenses!
  • Horde Grunt yells: Follow me!
  • Horde Grunt yells: This way! To battle!
  • Horde Grunt yells: Blood and honor!
  • Horde Grunt yells: I live and die... for the Horde!
  • Thunder Bluff Tauren yells: Arathi belongs to the Horde!
  • Thunder Bluff Tauren yells: Death to the Alliance!
  • Horde Axe Thrower yells: For the Horde!
  • Horde Axe Thrower yells: Blood and honor!
  • Warbringer Kro'goth yells: Hold your ground! If anything moves, kill it!


  • The version shown at BlizzCon 2017 is actually unused and was far larger, including a second set of walls, a port and fountain park area for Stromgarde Keep.


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