Battle for Val'sharah

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NeutralBattle for Val'sharah

110 (Requires 110)






N [110 Daily] Holding the Ramparts


Defeat Dread Vizier Gra'tork in Val'sharah.


From the very start of these attacks I've felt as though the demons knew our plans, as if they anticipated our every move. If we are to put an end to this we must focus our attacks at the heart of the beast.

Your efforts have shown these battles are not won by bravery alone, but willingness and sacrifice. I ask that you stand on the battlefield once more among allies to bring this madness to an end.


You will receive: 14g 60s
Trade archaeology antleredcloakclasp.png [Antler of Cenarius]


You have sacrificed for our lands, brave <class>.

Your perseverance has inspired our brothers and sisters to stand against the Burning Legion.



Jarod Shadowsong
These demons will pay for what they have done. This I vow!
Gossip Send me to the forward camp at once! [Queue for Scenario]

Stage 1: Speak with Cenarius

  • Speak with Cenarius to begin the assault.
The enemy must be stopped at all costs!
Gossip Let's begin the assault.

Stage 2: Secure a Foothold

Cenarius yells: The enemy must be stopped at all costs!

Stage 3: Open the Way

  • Destroy the Fel Centrums powering the barrier
Cenarius says: A wall of fel energy blocks our way into the Warden tower. Move your team forward and destroy the Legion machines powering the barrier. We will hold this position while you strike.

Stage 4: Moving on Up

  • Reach the top of the tower
Cenarius says: The barrier is down, but the Legion's evil still looms over us. If we secure the tower's apex, the Dreamweavers will provide the means to reach the demon's vessel.

Stage 5: Lord of the Tower

Cenarius says: The key to securing the tower lies in striking down their leader within. We must take that tower!

Stage 6: Clear the skies

Stage 7: Up and Away

  • Reach the Legion command ship
Cenarius says: The Dreamweavers have lent their hippogryphs to carry you to the Legion's vessel. Eliminate the commander leading this assault, and the rest of these cowardly demons will retreat. Good luck, champions!

Stage 8: Defeat the Legion Commander

  • Eliminate the Legion Commander
Cenarius says: Purge the Legion from our world!

Final Stage: Escape!

  • Jump off the ship
Cenarius says: The Legion is retreating! Leap from their vessel! Trust the hippogryphs to catch you!
The adventurers leap from the ship and are caught by hippogrpyhs.

The hippogryphs will return you to Lorlathil, where Cenarius awaits. You can leave the scenario group now.

If you died at stage 8 and the other players completed it, the final stage will automatically return you to life in Lorlathil, and you will still get credit for completing the scenario.

Criteria of


  1. N [110 Daily] Assault on Val'sharah
  2. N [110 Daily] Holding the Ramparts
  3. N [110 Daily] Battle for Val'sharah

Patches and hotfixes

  • Legion Hotfix (2017-04-05): "Jarod Shadowsong will now appear for players at the base of Black Rook Hold if they leave the terrace before completing "Battle for Val'sharah"."
  • Legion Patch 7.2.0 (2017-03-28): Added.

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