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Battle for the Exodar

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Battle for the Exodar
Battle for the Exodar
Conflict: Third invasion of the Burning Legion
Place: Exodar, Azuremyst Isle
Outcome: Tactical Legion defeat

Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
  • Moderate
  • Heavy

The Battle for the Exodar was an assault orchestrated by the demon lord Kil'jaeden of the Burning Legion on the draenei capital city of the Exodar, during the third invasion of Azeroth.


Light's Heart

Although initially believed to be driven by a desire for revenge against the exiled draenei, it was eventually revealed that the motive behind the incursion was to kill the naaru O'ros, who resided in the Exodar. As the last in the line of the Naaru Prime, Xe'ra, O'ros remained the only being capable of deciphering the  [Light's Heart], which had recently arrived on Azeroth through the Felstorm above the Tomb of Sargeras. To ensure the naaru would not be able to succeed in this, High General Rakeesh was sent, along with a powerful force of demons, to lay waste to the home of the draenei.

Battle for the Exodar

Initially overwhelmed by the sudden attack, many of the Exodar's residents retreated to the Vault of Lights where they remained under the protection of the Light's Chosen, as well as the draenei leader Prophet Velen, who created a powerful shield of light to hold back the invaders. With the arrival of Archmage Khadgar's champions, the Exodar's defenders began to make gains against the demons. Eventually Velen, having deduced the true purpose of the Legion's assault, ventured with the heroes to the Seat of the Naaru to prevent Rakeesh from slaying O'ros. Soon after their arrival, however, the High General succeeded in destroying O'ros using a Fel Annihilator.

Confronting Rakeesh

During the ensuing battle against Rakeesh and shortly afterwards, Velen made the shocking discovery that Rakeesh was, in fact, his long-lost son from the period before Sargeras's influence on Argus. Ultimately, Rakeesh was slain; Velen, lost in grief for his son, as well as for O'ros, woefully lamented his failures, before gaining newfound resolve and ordering the Exodar to be made ready to "return home", implying the planet Argus.[1]


Defenders and civilians

Depending on your class, two of your champions will come to your aid in the final fight against Rakeesh:



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