Battle of Mount Hyjal

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This article is about lore about the battle. For the raid instance, see Battle for Mount Hyjal (instance). For other usages, see Battle of Mount Hyjal (disambiguation).
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Battle of Mount Hyjal
Battle of Mount Hyjal
Conflict: Third War
Date: 21 ADP[1][2]
Place: Mount Hyjal
Outcome: Allied night elven, human and orcish forces victory
  • Burning Legion invasion prevented
    • Archimonde defeated
    • Demonic and Scourge armies mostly destroyed
  • Well of Eternity protected
    • The almost destruction of Nordrassil
    • Loss of the night elven immortality

Commanders and leaders


Casualties and losses
  • Massive
  • Annihilation of almost the entire demon and undead forces

The Battle of Mount Hyjal[5][6][7][8][9][10][11] (or the Battle for Mount Hyjal)[12] was the final bloody conflict that concluded the Third War,[13] as well as the second invasion of the Burning Legion to Azeroth.


The night elves cultivated a peaceful, naturalistic existence along the slopes of Mount Hyjal, the Ashenvale Forest, under the leadership of Tyrande Whisperwind, Sisterhood of Elune and assisted by the Sentinels. For many long years, Tyrande oversaw night elven governance, ever vigilant for signs of further demonic incursions. The night elves' tranquil existence was shattered again when the Burning Legion launched a new invasion of Azeroth, 10,000 years after the first one. At the height of the Third War, the Legion and its terrifying undead Scourge assaulted the night elves' lands.[14]

After the fall of the kingdoms of Lordaeron, Quel'Thalas, and Dalaran, and upon Archimonde's emergence in the physical world, the demons of the Burning Legion proceeded with their original plan - to take control of the waters of the second Well of Eternity[15] under the World Tree Nordrassil, and the demonic lords began invasion on Kalimdor. Upon tricking the Warsong clan led by Grommash Hellscream to kill the demigod Cenarius, and after the death of Mannoroth, the Burning Legion launched full invasion, marching through the forests of Azshara, Ashenvale and the newly corrupted Felwood eventually entering the Mount Hyjal.

Meanwhile, Tyrande Whisperwind awakened Malfurion Stormrage, and the druids of the talon and the druids of the claw from their slumber in the Emerald Dream, and freed Illidan Stormrage from his prison. The demon hunter, convinced by the death knight Arthas Menethil, then consumed the power of the Skull of Gul'dan and slew the dreadlord Tichondrius in Felwood.

The deaths of Archimonde's generals did not stop the invasion as they were replaced by Azgalor and Anetheron.

As the Legion ascended Mount Hyjal, thousand of night elf Sentinels and druids gathered near Hyjal Summit. Although the druids were unable to summon the Wild Gods, many dryads and keepers of the grove joined the army.[16]

Although the Horde and Alliance refugees also came to Hyjal, they did not work with the night elves as Tyrande believed that they brought the Legion to Kalimdor. As such, Archimonde was certain about victory. However, he did not sense the presence of Medivh.[17] One day before the battle,[18] Medivh gathered Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrande, and Malfurion Stormrage. Although Tyrande hesitated, Medivh managed to convince them and the forces banded together.[19]

The battle

Archimonde attacking the night elves.

Both, Jaina Proudmoore and Shandris Feathermoon initially scouted Archimonde's army. As the army neared, Malfurion told the outsiders about the enchantments of the World Tree Nordrassil. He decided that it is time to return the power that granted the night elf people immortality, immunity to sickness and power over nature. Alongside his fellow druids, Malfurion left to the Summit to prepare a spell to ignite these enchantments[20] while the others went do defend the bases they built up along the way to the Summit. Jaina's troops also included the 7th Legion.[21]

Except the Horde and Alliance, the battle was soon joined by the dark trolls of the Shadowtooth clan and the furbolgs of the Barkskin group.

Leading his undead and demonic army from a Scourge base, the Legion first attacked the human base consisting of humans from Lordaeron, dwarves of Ironforge and Aerie Peak and high elven survivors of Quel'Thalas led by Jaina Proudmoore. Despite the defense, the base fell with Jaina teleporting away.

Owing a blood-debt to the orcs for their assistance, the tauren joined Thrall on Mount Hyjal to defend Kalimdor from an invasion by the demonic Burning Legion as well.[22] As they fought, Hamuul Runetotem was stirred by the dedication of the night elven druids and was inspired by them.[23] The Darkspear trolls were also among the Horde ranks. During the battle, Thrall ordered Broxigar and his group of warriors to hold a path. While his comrades died, Brox survived.[24] The Horde base was protected by goblin land mines but despite this, it also fell, with Thrall teleporting away. Where the destroyed bases fell, the undead army expanded and marched on the night elven base which eventually fell to the might of Archimonde.

At some point, Broll Bearmantle's command was to cut off from the main force. He fought alongside his daughter Anessa. Drawn by his hidden core of druidic power, a group of demons led by Azgalor attacked him. Broll called the trees to aid him, giving his group time to regroup with the main army. Already fighting for hours and tired, Azgalor overwhelmed the elves. Some mystics then reported that the pit lord stuck the Idol of Remulos with his weapon, Spite, and corrupted it with fel energy, blasting and killing Anessa. Broll's sacrifice saved many other lives and contributed greatly to the victory.[25]

Thousands of defenders died under the relentless tide of undead and demons.[26] Together the three armies delayed the demon lord Archimonde long enough for Malfurion and the other druids to lay a trap. When Archimonde at last reached the tree and the Well of Eternity it protected, the druids drew the enchantments out and Malfurion using the Horn of Cenarius summoned countless incorporeal wisp spirits. They closed in around Archimonde, but they did not attack him. At Malfurion"s behest, they instead channeled their energies into the World Tree and ignited the enchantments within. An explosion erupted from Nordrassil, shaking Kalimdor to roots. In a massive burst of energy, Archimonde was instantly killed, leaving only his skeleton there,[27] along with most of the undead and demons.[28] Without their commander, the Burning Legion forces remaining on Azeroth collapsed and crumbled under the counterattack of the combined might of the Horde, human, and night elf armies.[29][30][31] This furious assault destroyed almost all of what remained of the demons and undead in Kalimdor. Arthas Menethil only narrowly escaped the attack. He rallied as many of the Scourge as he could before he retreated back home.[32]

To facilitate this colossal explosion, the night elves had chosen to forever sacrifice their protection from aging, disease, and frailty.[33]

Aftermath and impact

Despite the victory of the mortal armies, a number of demons on Azeroth have survived. Gathering in small groups throughout Azeroth, they were obviously in communication with one another, for they occasionally acted in a coordinated manner. Certain demons are spreading corruption or guarding sites of power; others are assembling in specific locations to further some unknown design.[34] Zmodlor[35] and Amnennar the Coldbringer[36] eluded defeat. Though unclear whether he participated the battle itself, after Legion's defeat, Lord Kazzak led the remaining demons to Blasted Lands. The Glaive of the Aspects, mighty demonic weapon was shattered. Years later, before leaving for Outland, Kazzak commanded Highlord Kruul to find its shattered fragments, a deed he eventually succeeded in.[37] The demons in Lordaeron didn't know about Archimonde's death unlike the Scourge leaders Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas Windrunner. Detheroc, Balnazzar, and Varimathras were told by King Arthas.[38] Kil'jaeden did not believe that all was lost. He was still confident about the Scourge, the dreadlords, and the Lich King. But when he reached to the Lich King, the entity refused him.[39] Kil'jaeden realized that if the Lich King conquered Azeroth, any future demonic invasions would be nearly impossible. He was angered by Archimonde's defeat but this betrayal was a bigger concern than vengeance.[40] He sensed a new demon who could complete the task of destroying the Lich King.[41]

Upon the Defiler's death, the satyr Tyrus Blackhorn was imprisoned upon the summit of Hyjal. The satyr had served him in exchange for power.[42]

Following the battle, a furbolg took the corrupted Idol of Remulos to Thistlefur Hold.[43]

The orcs returned to the central Barrens and settled on the eastern coast establishing Durotar and its capital city, Orgrimmar. Broxigar continued to serve Thrall but was left with guilt that he didn't die with his warrior brothers.[44][45] The orcs of Durotar and the humans of Theramore were at peace for a time. The Warchief signed a non-aggressive pact with the humans.[46] The hatred between the two never ceased.

Following the Legion's defeat, the tauren who helped defend Hyjal returned to their new home in Mulgore.[47] After the Third War, the inspired Hamuul Runetotem sought out the night elf Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, befriending him and asking to be taught the druidic arts. Malfurion agreed, to strenuous and xenophobic objections of Archdruid Fandral Staghelm. Hamuul joined the Cenarion Circle, and his new shan'do taught Hamuul many secrets of the wild and blessed him with the touch of nature, thus soon mastering the druidic arts with such proficiency that he rightfully earned the title archdruid for himself.[48]

The remnants from Lordaeron, humans, high elves and dwarves returned to Dustwallow Marsh and built the port city Theramore. Pained, assigned by Tyrande to guard Jaina, remained with Lady Proudmoore as she has never been officially released from that duty by Tyrande, even though Jaina told her she was free to go.[49] The proud veterans of the 7th Legion would later took part in the Ahn'Qiraj War as a part of the Might of Kalimdor.

Tyrande and Malfurion remained in Hyjal and began rebuilding. Most of the surrounding woodlands were in ruins, with Nordrassil's roots also being damaged and withered. Though Nordrassil would heal in time, the enchantments from the Dragon Aspects were gone. Night elves became mortals, affected by aging and not being immune to sickness. Druids also had it more difficult to get to the Emerald Dream[50] and they considered this period a dark time.[51] For years to come, some couldn't deal with Malfurion's decision.[52] The night elves would then move to Ashenvale and heal it as well.[53]

When Tyrande and Malfurion later followed Illidan to Silverpine Forest, they encountered Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider and his fellow blood elves. Tyrande remarked that his brothers fought in Hyjal.[54] Broll Bearmantle succumbed to anger, lost the druidic spirits and left the night elves, eventually joining the Crimson Ring as a gladiator.[55] Later, as Broll accompanied Lo'Gosh to Theramore in order to meet Lady Prooudmoore, the sorceress felt that Broll has since reconciled to the event on Hyjal and is now at peace.[56]

The loss of the first World Tree also ushered in a new era in night elven history.[57] A number of druids led by Fandral Staghelm desired to create another World Tree that would restore the night elven immortality. Malfurion warned against this act of self-interest, but when he suddenly fell into a coma, his spirit lost within the Dream, Fandral forged ahead with his plans unopposed. The second World Tree, Teldrassil, was planted off the northern coast of Kalimdor, and eventually it towered among the clouds. Unlike Nordrassil, this new World Tree was not blessed by the Dragon Aspects, and thus it did not restore the night elven immortality.[58]

Known named combatants

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

During the Third War, Felwood was the point to which the demons summoned their infernals to lay siege to Mount Hyjal.[61]

When the night elves gathered in Hyjal, the village Auberdine in Darkshore was almost completely abandoned.[62]

Following Archimonde's death, the Doomguard became leaderless, becoming mercenaries.[63]

Dragons of the red, blue and bronze dragonflight arrived here to guard the recovering World Tree.

The blue dragons discovered that the waters of the Well of Eternity were draining: The demons have created an underground tunnel system below the well, and drain the powerful waters into their tunnels to use for their own purposes. The dragons in humanoid form inside the tunnels, and their companions discovered that the demons are led by an eredar warlock who plans to consume the water in a ritual in an attempt to gain enough power to resurrect Archimonde.[64]

In the TCG

TCGlore.jpg This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
Archimonde about to be defeated.

Thousands of ancestral spirits made the ultimate sacrifice to end Archimonde's assault upon Mount Hyjal and the Well of Eternity.[65]

Notes & trivia

  • Originally, the battle was said to have happened in Year 20.[66]
  • Before World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3, it was said that druids empowered the World Tree with the night elven immortality and the energies of countless night elf spirits.
  • In previous lore, the wisps destroyed Archimonde, causing the World Tree Nordrassil to explode.[67][68] The Ultimate Visual Guides state that the wisps surrounded Archimonde[69] and caused the tree to explode. The force of the blast then obliterated Archimonde.[70] World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3 also reinforces the new version.
  • Malfurion said that Archimonde's objective were Nordrassil's energies.[71] That was the goal according to Matoclaw too.[72] (Nordrassil energies connected to the Well?)
    • It is also said that thanks to the Dragon Aspect's blessings the second Well of Eternity would no longer act as a beacon to demons, nor could the Legion easily use it as a gateway into Azeroth.[73]
    • World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3 ultimately confirms that the Legion's goal was the second Well of Eternity. With its power, Archimonde could summon rest of the Legion and consume Azeroth.[74]
    • This was also mentioned in Arthas: Rise of the Lich King - The Legion is after nothing less than the taking of all magic and the devouring of all life upon this world. And to that end, they plan to consume the concentrated, powerful energies contained within the elves’ Well of Eternity. In order to accomplish this, they must destroy the single thing that contains within it the truest, purest essence of life energy on Azeroth. The Well of Eternity lies across the ocean, on the continent of Kalimdor. And the thing that would thwart the Legion is called Nordrassil…the World Tree. It grants the kaldorei immortality, and they are bound to it.
    • In The RPG Icon 16x36.png Warcraft RPG, pg. 31, The Legion goal was Nordrassil, but also the Well which was the source of strength for the World Tree.
  • The battle is presented in a time pocket, disconnected from the history[75] and was entered by the adventurers sent by Akama to get  [Time-Phased Phylactery] from Rage Winterchill.[76] It is accessible from Caverns of Time.
    • It was previously hinted to be under attack by the Infinite dragonflight.[77][78] A latter statement by a guy changed it to being a time pocket.[79]
    • Unlike the other characters, Kaz'rogal isn't found in Warcraft III.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.


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