Battle of Red Spires

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Battle of Red Spires
Highmaul Coliseum 1.jpg

Draenor (exact location unknown)


Decisive victory for the Gorian Empire

  • Presumed destruction of orcish forces
Commanders and leaders

Gorian Empire


Army/clan of orcs

  • Mag'har orcMag'har orc Unknown orc commander(s)
Casualties and losses

Gorian Empire

  • Presumably light or moderate

Army/clan of orcs

  • Presumably heavy

The Battle of Red Spires was a conflict fought by forces of the Gorian Empire of ogres under Imperator Mar'gok against an unidentified force of orcs. While most details of the battle are unknown, it seems to be clear that the forces of Imperator Mar'gok achieved a very large victory, utterly crushing his orcish opponents.[1]

The victory at the Battle of Red Spires has developed a deep cultural significance to the ogres of the Gorian Empire, who celebrate it as a clear example of their military superiority and prowess. To this end, the battle is often commemorated with reenactments (such as the one pictured), which are known to take place in the capital of Highmaul. One such reenactment takes place when adventurers assaulted the city, with the saberon gladiator Vul'gor enacting the role of Mar'gok.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The location of the battle is unknown, although it is possible that it took place in the Spires of Arak, supported by the term "Red Spires" in the battle's name. Similarly, the date of the battle is also unclear, though it must have taken place in Imperator Mar'gok's lifetime. As a result of such uncertainties, it is also impossible to identify which group of orcs the ogres were facing, however it is possible that the clan/group is no longer in existence.

It is possible that the decisive nature of the victory at the Battle of Red Spires may have been intentionally embellished by the Gorian ogres in order to greater emphasize their power. Making the battle out to be more of a triumph than it actually was would also fit in with the Gorian Empire's general sense of vast superiority over Draenor's other races.[2]


  • The reenactment of the battle is reminiscent of those conducted by the Roman Empire for similar reasons, and on whom the Gorian Empire is known to be based.[3]