Battle of Suramar Pass

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Battle of Suramar Pass
Conflict: Unnamed Highborne-vrykul war
Place: Nightborne Pass[1] or Suramar Pass,[2] Stormheim
Outcome: Odyn-loyal vrykul victory
  • The vrykul permanently expel the Highborne from Stormheim and reclaim their ancestral land
  • King Magnar, his son, and his closest followers are murdered by servants of Helya
  • The remaining vrykul rally and prevent the Helarjar from claiming Stormheim
Commanders and leaders
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Vrykul warriors
  • Highborne
Casualties and losses
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Heavy

The Battle of Suramar Pass[2] or simply the battle of the Pass[3] was a three-way battle that occurred at a mountain pass at the border of Stormheim.



When Odyn created the Halls of Valor, he opened the way for all vrykul to earn their place as Valarjar. Helya eventually sealed Odyn and his Valarjar away within the Halls, but no vrykul doubted that the legendary king Magnar Icebreaker, wielder of the Scale of the Earth-Warder, would ascend to the Halls upon his death. Helya wondered if Magnar's spirit would be strong enough to make the journey in spite of her curse upon the Halls. Magnar had his sights focused on the vrykul's ancestral home, the city of Stormheim, which had become occupied by Highborne elves. Magnar's vrykul believed that reclaiming Stormheim would clear the path for a glorious afterlife with Odyn, and Helya and her followers knew that this was their best opportunity to strike at Magnar. With luck, the king's soul would be dragged down to Helheim rather than the Halls of Valor.[1]


Magnar's warriors launched a massive attack on Stormheim, surprising the Highborne with their ferocity. Magnar led the charge, his shield protecting him from the elves' arcane magic. The vrykul scored immediate victories and built enough momentum to push the Highborne out of the city entirely. The Highborne's last chance to reclaim the city happened at Nightborne Pass. They rallied their forces for a final counterattack and clashed with the vrykul in a brutal, confined brawl, but the vrykul eventually achieved victory. The Highborne fled for their lives and never made a claim upon Stormheim again.[1]

However, mere moments after the vrykul's victory, Helya's servants struck. Traitors arose within Magnar's ranks, murdering the king's closest confidants and his son, Hruthnir. In the chaos, more of Helya's Helarjar followers arrived to ensure Magnar's death. Upon seeing his son being butchered, Magnar was filled with rage and became a whirlwind of death, killing countless kvaldir and traitorous vrykul before they were able to bring him down. Magnar's people managed to rally and prevent the Helarjar from claiming Stormheim, but they were too late to save their king.[1]


Magnar's body was buried in the Tomb of the Old Kings on Shield's Rest, but his spirit lingered. His rage prevented him from ascending to the Halls of Valor but also kept him out of Helya's grasp. For thousands upon thousands of years, Magnar's spirit hovered between life and the afterlife,[1] raging at Helya and her cowardly followers.[3] Magnar's son Hruthnir, on the other hand, entered the Halls of Valor and became a Valarjar. Millennia later, Hruthnir worked with a warrior adventurer to retrieve Magnar's spirit and bring it to the Halls of Valor, as well as allow the warrior to claim the king's shield, the Scale of the Earth-Warder.[1][3]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Kingsfall Pass is likely the location where the battle took place, based on its name and the fact that it is the only known pass between Suramar and Stormheim. This would make "Suramar Pass"[2] and "Nightborne Pass"[1] alternate names for Kingsfall Pass.