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Battle of the Lost Isles

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Cataclysm Battle of the Lost Isles
Battle of the Lost Isles
Conflict: Alliance-Horde war
Place: Lost Isles
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
  • Moderate
  • Force annihilated
  • Heavy
  • Annihilated

The battle of the Lost Isles was an event that led the Bilgewater Cartel to join the New Horde. These events are chronicled in the goblin starting experience.


The goblins of Kezan were all going about their daily lives, having recently created a new drink called  [Kaja'Cola] in an attempt to boost their intelligence. Suddenly, the former Earth-wader, Deathwing had made an appearance at Bilgewater Port claiming the Hour of Twilight had drawn close,[1] the goblins not very concerned with the threats continued with their day. Eventually, it was discovered that Mount Kajaro had begun to erupt and some goblins tried to cash in on the event. Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix of the Bilgewater Cartel requested 1 billion macaroons in order to save the members of his cartel and lead them to safety,[2] however Gallywix was not true to his word and instead took the money only to make all of his cartel slaves. Gallywix then looked to start a new trade empire in the distant lands of Azshara with him being the most powerful goblin on Azeroth.[3][4]

Arrival on the Lost Isles

Gallywix and his goblins were discovered by Alliance ships attempting to capture the orcish Warchief, Thrall. The humans then fired at Gallywix's Yacht to prevent any witnesses[4] and they crashed onto the Lost Isles, where they used the remnants of their vessel to build a small base camp.[5]

Cooperation with the Horde

Eventually, the goblins discovered an orcish journal speaking of their base camp and how there were orc survivors and they looked to them for help. The goblins then sent a representative to ask for help from the orcs who agreed to help if the relationship was mutual. The adventurer had slain all the plants in the orc's way and impressed with the goblins technology the leader of the orcs, Aggra had agreed to assist the goblins to find their way off the isles. Much later is was discovered the humans too had found their way onto the island eventually they defeated the Alliance of the smaller isle and saved the "precious cargo", Thrall.

The pygmy threat

The goblins later decided to go to the larger of the two isles and deployed a Town-In-A-Box so they could have a location to rest themselves. The goblins were eventually met with naga and pygmies troubles but were able to fight them back. Eventually, the goblins looked to slay the pygmies' turtle "god", Volcanoth which turns out to make the entire island begin to erupt.

Defeat of the Trade Prince

The goblins met up with the orcs once more to beat back the Alliance for good; and being impressed with the goblins' cunning and strength, the orcs agreed to take the fight too against Trade Prince Gallywix who enslaved the majority of the members of the Bilgewater Cartel through mind control of some type. When the Gallywix was finally beaten, he was told by Thrall that he could live if the Bilgewater Cartel became a part of the Horde. Gallywix bitterly accepted and the goblins and orcs parted ways, with Thrall going to the Maelstrom to heal the world and the goblins going to live in their new home Orgrimmar, capital of the orcs.