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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Save all four prisoners before they are sacrificed in Zul'Aman on Heroic Difficulty.

Bear-ly Made It is a dungeon & raids achievement earned for saving all four prisoners before they are sacrificed in Zul'Aman on Heroic difficulty.


When you bang the gong and open the gates you have 15 minutes till the scouts are executed. The first two bosses you defeat each add 5 minutes to the timer. The third boss does not add any time to the timer. You must defeat each boss before the timer runs out in order to save each scout.

If you succeed in defeating all four animal bosses in 25 minutes, Kasha will blast open several vases and the last one contains Kasha's Bag. Inside this bag is a single  [Amani Battle Bear]. If you are in a PUG roll need.

The traditional boss kill order is Akil'zon, Nalorakk, Jan'alai, and Halazzi. Some groups succeed with Halazzi, Akil'zon, Nalorakk, Jan'ali, but that's mostly a gear check to make mediocre PUGs fail early and relax afterward.

Scouts that have been rescued do not need to be released from their cages right away. Players can wait until after they have defeated Daakara and backtrack to release the scouts and collect the treasure. As of Patch 4.2.0 there is a bug where scout loot will wait for rolls by players who have left the instance to time out before actually rolling and distributing the loot.

Solo at 90 and higher

You may want to solo this one - it's a fun challenge solo, even for the casual player - but also there's only one bear mount available per run. If you want this mount and are not familiar with this instance:

  • First off - you do not have to free the prisoners to get the mount - just the bosses and the last prisoner.
    • When you have got your mount you can go back and free the other prisoners for the quest at your own speed. They will not despawn after you have killed the final boss and the timer goes away.
  • Secondly you do not have to kill the last two bosses (Hex Lord Malacrass and Daakara) for the mount. Just the four animal bosses.
  • Third you can bypass some trash, but not all of it.
  • Fourth, you can ride mounts in this instance - that will save you some time.

Know your route.

You can try for this every day, so don't be annoyed if you miss the time limit and have to try again tomorrow.

  1. From the entrance go left (north) and take out Akil'zon (Eagle boss).
  2. Then come back the way you came and go south to Nalorakk (Bear boss). Do not go back north to the center passage - the steps up to the next boss are broken and you cannot climb them.
  3. From the bear continue south and move East along the south side of the instance until you find the path leading up the back side of the temple.
  4. Take that path and kill Jan'alai (Dragonhawk boss).
  5. Go north down the temple steps (you'll hop the gap you can't climb up from the front) and straight across the center path. At the temple turn right (East) and follow the path along the water as it doubles back to the temple on the easter side of it.
  6. Kill Halazzi (Lynx boss) and then free Kasha, who will walk around breaking vases until the one with the bear is broken, reveling a sack for you to loot.

Tips At 85

MobDo not hesitate. Mob Do not discuss. Mob Do not mark something for another player. Mob They will mark it themselves if it is important. Mob If you are going to CC, do it as soon as you are in range of the mob. Mob As soon as the party is assembled begin killing.Mob

Do not die. Resurrecting and recovering health and mana wastes time. If you can't drop aggro, avoid pulling aggro.

Skip the patrolling trolls.

On the gauntlet leading to Akil'zon target the Amani'shi Wind Walkers for death because they cast [Chain Heal]. The most powerful teams can pull all the Wind Walker/Protector pairs and the Amani'shi Tempest in a single stampeding charge and then AoE them down, although countering the chain heals of four Wind Walkers (via interrupts or insane DPS) is daunting.

The trash leading to Nalorakk almost always has an initial charge where they are immune to Crowd control. Learn where the end of the charge is, and CC afterward (if at all). Amani'shi Medicine Man is a popular CC target due to his healing and immunity totems. Amani'shi Axe Thrower is the second most dangerous because of his axe stun. Amani'shi Tribesman is a low priority target and is least likely to be targeted by DPS (and therefore most likely to stay crowd controlled).

The trash leading to Jan'ali has Amani'shi Scouts who must be slaughtered before they can run to a drum and summon a pair of Amani'shi Reinforcements. Amani'shi Flame Casters have a firebolt volley and are the primary CC candidate. Amani'shi Guardians are melee and are often rooted. When the party reaches a trash pack the CC should happen immediately and the Scout should be blasted. Time wasted using Raid target icons to mark CC or wait for the tank to charge in lowers your chance of rescuing the next scout. Be on the look-out for patrolling scouts. They can aggro and summon reinforcements, delaying your team.

Skip the patrolling trolls.

Much of the trash near Halazzi can be skipped. Use [Path of Frost], [Water Walking],  [Elixir of Water Walking], or just swim to skip the troll/crocodile patrol. Powerful teams can pull multiple lynx ambush packs and AoE them down.

If the timer runs out while you are in combat with the boss, the un-rescued scouts are burned and you fail the achievement.

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