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HordeBefriending Giants








Talk to Gormungan outside of the Southern Rocketway Terminus and discover the secret of azsharite.

  • Secret of Azsharite Discovered


A cursory study of the azsharite you brought me reveals it's not biological in nature, nor is it naturally formed. There's another creature in Azshara with similar properties: the cliff giants that lumber around these cliffs.

One of the giants seems willing to help our research along. Take the meat you collected to Gormungan, the giant standing just west of here. Befriend him, then grill him - find out if he knows the secret of azsharite!


You will receive: 4s


What did you discover? You look pale, <class>!


Speak slower - what are you saying? Am I hearing you right? Those formations of azsharite are actually where those giants have - oh my. Groady!! Let's not tell Dr. Grapplehammer, he's made this stuff his life's work.

Well, at least now we know where azsharite comes from, and why it's so rare. We've got to figure out a way to speed up, uh, "production!"


Gormungan is along the rail track running between the Southern Rocketway Terminus and the Secret Lab.

<Gormungan's voice booms deep from within, hurting your ears and reverberating in the very ground beneath your feet.>
Hallo, softling.
Your kind dashes about, always running, never stopping. Rest with me a while.

Gossip I brought you something to eat.

Ha - harrrum! Food? We don't eat squishlings, friend, not unless they aggravate us. We eat rocks and stones and earth. Though I sometimes find the crunch of bones makes a delightful seasoning.
<Gormungan lifts up a boulder and, with one enormous hand, smashes the corpses you've given him onto the boulder as one would put icing on a cupcake. He crunches his treat, rumbling happily.>

Gossip Do you know anything about azsharite?

Azsharite? You soft ones come up with new names for everything. What is this "azsharite?"

Gossip Those piles of blue-ish crystals we find on the ground. <Gormungan's laugh, deep and long, rumbles the ground and causes distant rockslides.>

Oh - hah! Harrooo - Ha harum! Little friend, I am sorry. I suppose my kind does not pick up after ourselves as you do.

Gossip So the giants have been dropping the azsharite? But where does it come from?

It comes from - harum - what is your word for it? Harrrm. Let us say that my kind does not have bathrooms. Do you understand?

Gossip It's ... your droppings!? And the goblins have been running around scooping it up?

It would seem so. You and your friends are welcome to as much as you can find. I suppose it's very potent. We don't need to go that often.

Gossip How often do you, uh, "go?"

We don't live as quickly as you do, my mushy friend. A healthy giant eats three square meals a decade, although I am known to indulge in a snack every couple of years. We'll go to the bathroom every 15 to 25 years... barring any tummy trouble.

Gossip 15 to 25 years? Assistant Greely isn't going to want to hear that!

<Gormungan emits a good-natured snort.>
Haaarrum! I have never had my personal habits scrutinized so. Your kind never ceases to surprise me. Farewell, friend, and good luck with ... whatever it is you are on about.


  1. H [13] Need More Science
  2. H [13] When Science Attacks
    • Side chain:
    1. H [13] Bad Science! Bad!
    2. H [13] My Favorite Subject
    3. H [14] Nine's Plan
    4. H [14] Raptor Raptor Rocket
  3. H [13] Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped
  4. H [13] Mysterious Azsharite / H [13] A Gigantic Snack
  5. H [13] Befriending Giants
  6. H [14] Azsharite Experiment Number One
  7. H [14] Azsharite Experiment Number Two
  8. H [15] A Hello to Arms

Naga side chain

  1. H [12] Mortar the Point
  2. H [13] Investigating the Sea Shrine
  3. H [13] The Keystone Shard
  4. H [13] Report to Twocrush
  5. H [13] Sisters of the Sea

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