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Behind Enemy Boats

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AllianceBehind Enemy Boats

120 (Requires 120)




46g 80s



Search the Banshee's Wail for signs of Blood Prince Dreven.


This is where our information ends, <name>.

Blood Prince Dreven is lurking in one of those Forsaken boats, but we don't know which boat or which section of that boat he's in.

We'll split up and hit the boats simultaneously, so the Horde has less time to react.

If Dreven isn't on the boat you scout, abandon it and join me on the other one. If he's not on my boat, I'll do the same.

We'll take down Dreven together.

Don't get distracted. Our resources are limited. Dreven is our only target today.


You will receive:

  • 46g 80s
  • 22,310 XP


When fightin' in the open air, you've no better ally than the Wildhammer.


Ha! Nathanos is gonna be cryin' all the way back tae Sylvanas's nursery after that whoppin'!

Did ye find Blood Prince Dreven?


On accept:

Shandris Feathermoon says: I'll scout the Crimson Squall while you scout the Banshee's Wail. Tor ilisar'thera'nal!
Shandris peels off toward the ships.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Wildhammers, spread out and keep the skies clear, but avoid detection fer now.
The gryphon riders pull away.
Falstad Wildhammer says: I can take ye down tae the Banshee's Wail, <name>. But ye gonna have tae hold on tight!

Hit the #1 ability to head down to the ship:

Falstad Wildhammer says: Here we go, Swiftwing. Bring us in nice and low tae avoid detection. As quick as ye can.
Swftwing pulls around behind the eastern ship, then dives and zooms up to it just above the water.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Ha! I love this part!
You are dropped off by a conveniently placed Rope Ladder hanging from the rear starboard gunport. Swiftwing quickly flies off, still low to the ocean.
Falstad Wildhammer says: If ye need us again, just get clear of the boat and send up a signal. Me and Swiftwing'll find ye.

Climb up the Rope Ladder to enter the gunport of the ship and start killing Banshee's Wail Deckhands and Banshee's Wail Swabbys. Onboard, The Banshee's Wail Cannon starts A [120] Broadside Bedlam. Pick it up while killing Horde.

After killing ten (and firing the cannons), head upstairs and open the Battlechest of the Horde:

Nathanos Blightcaller yells: Get away from that!
You are stunned and trapped by a rope net held down by arrows. Nathanos reveals himself at portside, his bow at full draw. He starts preparing Hero's Bane.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Oh... it's YOU. My, my, this IS a delight!
Nathanos Blightcaller says: I've been looking forward to ending your meddlesome existence for some time.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: How the Dark Lady will laugh... when I tell her that you died in a trap like the mongrel you are!
Falstad and Swiftwing appear in the distance off the portside and swoops in.
Falstad Wildhammer yells: It's hammerin' time!
Falstad throws his stormhammer and stuns Nathanos, then pulls you aboard Swiftwing and makes a quick getaway.
Falstad Wildhammer yells: We got ye, <name>!
Swiftwing pulls back up to safe holding pattern behind the ships and Falstad throws up his arms in cheer.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Can't beat the hammers, can't stop the gryphons!
Falstad Wildhammer says: When the Wildhammers are on yer side, ye just gotta look tae the skies whenever yer in trouble!

On complete:

Falstad Wildhammer says: Heh, looks like we even scared the storm away.
Falstad laughs as the skies clear up.


  1. A [120] Operation: Gryphon's Claw
  2. A [120] Intercepted Orders
  3. A [120] Hunting Blood Prince Dreven
  4. A [120] Behind Enemy Boats & A [120] Broadside Bedlam
  5. A [120] The Wildhammer Specialty
  6. A [120] An Unnatural Crew & A [120] Foul Crystals for Foul People & A [120] Kings' Rest
  7. A [120] Ending the San'layn Threat
  8. A [120] A Clean Escape

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