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Bently Greaseflare

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NeutralBently Greaseflare
Image of Bently Greaseflare
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Beast)
Level 110 - 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Village in the Vines, Zuldazar

Bently Greaseflare is a goblin located in the Village in the Vines in Zuldazar. He is accompanied by Dot Bindermine and a Kaja'mite Scanner.



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Kaja'mite! We ain't seen a deposit like this since Kezan. Thank goodness all kaja'mite belongs to goblins under goblin law. Now if only the Zandalari would get with the program...

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  • But... but... think of the moolah!
  • This could mean big things for us. Big! Now if only there were some friendly gorillas to help us out with that kaja'mite...


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