Berard's Journal

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Berard's Journal was looted from Berard's Bookshelf, found in the Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest.

As a quest objective

This item is an objective of H [12] A Recipe For Death.


Berard's Journal

Through study of various fossilized creatures I have deduced that in ancient times, a great plague swept through the waters of Lake Lordamere. What caused this? We might never know. But the rate of contamination appears to be extremely high based on dense concentrations of remains distributed across the lake bed.

In an attempt to uncover the past, I have begun to examine the creatures of the present in hopes of finding the missing clue to this mystery. The Lake Skulkers and Lake Creepers are ancient beasts who inhabit the islands in the center of Lake Lordamere. There is a moss which grows on them that resembles trace materials on some of the fossils. More research needs to be done before I can speculate as to what this connection means.

While trying to collect moss samples I came across the scene of a bloody battle. The Vile Fin tribe of Murlocs had come under siege by a marauding band of Gnolls. There were both Gnoll and Murloc corpses littering the battlefield. As I passed a mangled Murloc body I noticed a strange hardened tumor protruding from the wound. As I began to study the tumor it became clear it held similar properties to the moss I was collecting. Unfortunately, I could find no other tumors besides the one.

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