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76 (Requires 74)




N [75] Sabotage


Stefan in Ebon Watch wants you to defeat Drakuru.

If you lose your  [Ensorcelled Choker], return to Stefan at Ebon Watch to get another.

Provided Item:


The time has come to end this charade, <name>.

As valuable as your information has been, we must bring Drakuru down and bring his project to an end before his freaks are unleashed.

We've modified your scepter for the job. When the time is right, you will be able to use it on Drakuru's Blightbloods and turn them against him. It's your only hope of defeating him.

Fight well.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry necklace 17.png [Betrayer's Choker] Inv jewelry necklace 17.png [Choker of Betrayal]
Inv jewelry necklace 17.png [Choker of the Betrayer]

You will also receive: 18g 60s


Have you faced Drakuru in battle, <name>?


So, it's done.

We still have much to do, but our work here will be much more manageable thanks to your efforts.

Please accept this as a token of our gratitude.


To get to the fighting stage, players need to talk to Drakuru. He takes you to the top of the necropolis, where he will stand in the middle of the large circular platform. There are four smaller platforms surrounding the large platform. Drakuru, now in fighting form, will show off his might by summoning four Blightblood Trolls on the smaller platforms. Your disguise then fails and Drakuru realises your treachery. The fight begins.

You use the  [Scepter of Domination] to control a Troll and use it to fight Drakuru. After defeating him, the Lich King arrives through a portal, finishes off Drakaru, and spares the player's life once again.

You can pick up  [Drakuru's Skull]. Next to it is Drakuru's Last Wish. Use it to be returned to the Reliquary of Pain. There you can summon Stefan Vadu for the last time and hand in the quest.

The scripted parts of the quest run as follows:

Drakuru takes you to the top of the necropolis.
Overlord Drakuru says: Behold, mon! We be creatin' da greatest Scourge army ever seen!
Drakuru throws crystals to summon four Blightblood Trolls.
Overlord Drakuru says: says: These be da first of many! We shall sweep across Zul'Drak like da wind....
Your disguise fails.
Overlord Drakuru says: What treachery is this?! You be payin' for this deceit with your life, mon!
The Scepter of Domination grows brightly! Use it now!

Drakuru yells any of the following as you fight him:

  • Overlord Drakuru yells: Your betrayal not gunna be slowin' me down none, mon.
  • Overlord Drakuru yells: Ya done turned your back on destiny, mon. Now you gonna die!
  • Overlord Drakuru yells: I never needed ya, mon. I can crush Zul'Drak without ya!
  • Overlord Drakuru yells: Fool! Ya coulda been havin' great power, mon!
  • Overlord Drakuru yells: How could dis be? Da Lich King said he be havin' great plans for you, mon...
  • Overlord Drakuru yells: I shoulda known not to be trustin' nobody!


Overlord Drakuru yells: ENOUGH!
Overlord Drakuru yells: Dis foolish treachery has cost ya your destiny!
Drakuru summons the Lich King.
Overlord Drakuru says: Master, dis mortal scum be double-crossin' us. Dey must be made to suffer!
The Lich King says: You have failed me, Drakuru!
The Lich King says: It is you who should suffer. Be content that your death is a quick one....
The Lich King kills Drakuru. His head lands some distance away.
The Lich King says: As for you...
The Lich King says: I spare your insignificant life as a reward for this amusing betrayal. There may yet be a shred of potential in you.
The Lich King says: Be warned...
The Lich King says: When next we meet I shall require much more to justify your life.

Completing this quest is part of  Guru of Drakuru.

Note that you don't actually have to "do" this quest to complete it. You can just watch someone do it (even someone who's not from your faction) and loot the head after the fight.


To defeat him you must take control one of the Blightblood Trolls by using the  [Scepter of Domination] on it. The troll will work like a Hunter or Warlock combat pet, with a small action bar above your regular action bar. See the Blightblood Troll page for a description of his abilities. Spam Powerful Strike (pet action #4) to do a large amount of damage, Concussive Blow (pet action #5) to buy your troll some more time, and Blightblood Infusion (pet action #6) to heal yourself.

More than likely, players will lose their first troll. As soon as that happens, run over to another troll, take control of it and get it in the fight. After a Troll dies and while you are busy taking control of a new one, Drakuru will hit you with his Shadow Bolts. Try to get a Blightblood Infusion heal from a Troll just before he dies, and get a heal right away from the new Troll.

Drakuru will stay in the center of the platform, but while he is not engaged by a troll he will fire his Shadow Bolt at you for about 1250 DPS. He will occasionally throw a crystal at the player (announced by an emote) which does AoE damage. You will need to get away and stay out of the affected area.

Classes with ranged damage should stay on the edge of the platform, moving around the circumference as needed. When Drakuru starts throwing crystals, step aside just far enough to avoid the AoE damage. In time, this will move you all the way around the platform, but by the time you have come full circle, the older AoE patches will have gone.

This is probably also a good strategy for melee classes. The troll will do most of the damage anyway (about 3600 DPS), and this will keep you out of the way of the crystals. If you want to stay close in, then run away when the emote comes. If you stay, the AoE spot will be close to Drakuru, making it hard to stay in melee range.

Either way it is probably the easiest to focus on the fighting abilities of the troll rather than putting in damage yourself.

Do not step on a small platform with an untamed Troll on it. It will attack you and probably quickly kill you. To gain control of one, use your  [Scepter of Domination] while standing on the big platform.

Do not try to take control of a new Troll while your old Troll is still alive. You will lose control of the old one and it will attack you.


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