Big Papa

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AllianceBig Papa
Image of Big Papa
Gender Male
Race Robot (Mechanical)
Level 27 Elite
Health 8,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Gnomeregan
Location Windshear Hold, Stonetalon Mountains
Status Active
Companion(s) Alice

Big Papa is a robot located at the Windshear Hold in Stonetalon Mountains. After recovering his parts, it can he used during A [27] Mr. P's Wild Ride. Its counterpart is Large Daddy.


  • Spell frost chillingblast.png  Freezing Beam — Freezes Big Papa's enemies for 263 to 437 damage.
  • Item icecrowncloak.png  Frozen Solid — Frozen Solid!
  • Ability vehicle playerloaded.png  Magnetic Toss — Ejects all metallic objects or goblins stuck to Big Papa's crusher arm.


  • Large Daddy and Big Papa are references to the big daddies of Bioshock.

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