Bigger Fish to Fry (quest)

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AllianceBigger Fish to Fry
Bamboo Wilds

86 (Requires 85)




9g 80s


A [86] A Perfect Match


A [86] Let Them Burn, A [86] Carp Diem


Train the Pearlfin Adepts by killing 24 wildlife in the Bamboo Wilds.

  • Bamboo Wilds wildlife x24


I've prepared a team of bright young Pearlfin trainees who need field experience.

Take them northeast, into the Bamboo Wilds, and kill any wildlife that you find.

Don't bring them back until they're fit for battle.


You will receive: 9g 80s


How are those trainees looking?


Your trainees returned recently. I could hardly believe my eyes! They did not look like the same jinyu you left with.

Excellent work, <class>. Couldn't have done better myself.



24! Yup. Head northeast. A differently-classed jinyu will join the adventurer for every 6 mobs. Starting at level 82, they ding after every other mob, reaching level 85 on the sixth kill.

Any beast-type mobs in the Bamboo Wilds count, including Bamboo Huntresses, Bamboo Prowlers, Jeweled Macaws, Stoneskin Basilisks, and Wild Stalkers.

Mistweaver Adept - healer
Greetings, <name>! Before I join my brothers in battle, I must practice the healing arts.
Thank you, <name>. I have had enough training.
Tidestriker Adept - rogue
My blades are sharp, but my skill is unhoned. I am ready to learn, <name>.
Thank you for your help, <name>. My daggers will cut through many enemies.
Waveguard Adept - tank
Let me lend you my shield, <name>. Allow me to protect you, so that I may better protect my village!
With this shield and sword, I will protect my friends and family.
Watershaper Adept - spellcaster
Teach me, <name>! I will bend the forces of water to destroy our foes!
The secrets of the waters are now known to me. I will use these gifts to help the village.

Shared aggro emotes:

  • For honor! For justice!
  • Onward! For the Pearlfin tribe!
  • The tribe will prevail!
  • I'm ready for anything!

Shared ding emotes:

  • Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this.
  • I feel stronger than before.
  • This training is really helping.
  • I think I understand it now.
  • I think I learned something new!
MoP Beta
  • When should I open my eyes?
  • These opponents are tough.
  • This is really hard!
  • They aren't so tough after all.


  1. A [86] SI:7 Report: Lost in the Woods
  2. A [86] SI:7 Report: Fire From the Sky
  3. A [86] SI:7 Report: Hostile Natives
  4. A [86] SI:7 Report: Take No Prisoners
  5. A [86] A Perfect Match
  6. A [86] Bigger Fish to Fry
  7. A [86] Let Them Burn & A [86] Carp Diem

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