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AllianceBigger is Better

92 (Requires 90)


A [92] Fast Expansion


Use the Architect Table to select your Town Hall and upgrade your garrison to Tier 2.

  • Upgrade your garrison to Tier 2


Commander, I've been working on schematics that you might be interested in.

What do you think about pushing out the walls and making room to get some additional structures in here? Our forces have been growing, and things are getting a little cramped, and I'd really like us to put some of those additional blueprints to use.

If you could, take a look at the plans on the table here. As soon as I have your go ahead, I'll get everyone to work immediately.


The following spell will be cast on you:

  • Inv misc book 08.png  Book of Garrison Blueprints — Teaches the blueprints needed to build level one versions of all small, medium and large buildings, excluding the salvage yard. Instant


What do you think? Time for an upgrade?


MUCH better! A lot less bumping into walls to be sure.

There should be room to get in another building or two now. We can get the additional construction going whenever you're ready - just point me at anything you're interested in on the table here.


This quest becomes available after completing several quest chains in Shadowmoon Valley. The upgrade itself will require 200 Garrison Resources.

It is possible to get this quest without filling your small plot. It is possible to get this quest at level 91 (although it is probably impossible to get it at 90 because the prequels give you so much experience points).

The act of upgrading the garrison awards the [More Plots] achievement.

A cutscene plays:

Yrel: You have inspired me, Commander. I've seen you and your armies win many hard fought battles across Draenor. We now face our greatest challenge as we attempt to unite, against the Iron Horde.

Cinematic (stop at 50 seconds in)

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