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Bilgewater Cartel Contract

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Bilgewater Cartel Contract is a goblin contract from Trade Prince Gallywix to Boss-Lady Trixel. The contract is found in Trixel's place at Domination Point.

The contract is in the goblin language.


The contractee (herein after referred to as "you") agrees to execute any and all orders dispatched by the Warchief or his officers. These orders are to be followed to the letter with the following caveats: No interruption of profit to and for the Trade Prince Gallywix, herein after referred to as "me".

Any orders issued from me or my officers are to take priority over any other Horde command. Failure to comply will result in lawsuit and non-payment. By reading this you agree that your life is collateral for this contractual arrangement and all properties there within.

Additional exceptions include Horde orders that may result in the collapse of Horde financial infrastructure. Do not let the Horde bankrupt itself in this war! I have salvage rights on all Alliance war machines and I intend to collect. Any actions that lead to the bankrupting of Garrosh and his forces (even if he gives the order himself, which he probably will) shall result in immediate transfer of the Warchief's debt to you and anyone you've ever met that might help cover that debt.

The ink of this parchment acts as a legal binding agent and you are now subject to all laws and... Well let's face it. You back out of this I'll have my bruisers on you faster than a Blood Elf on a corrupted power source.

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