Bindings of the Windlord (quest)

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NeutralBindings of the Windlord

110 (Requires 110)


77g 60s


Bindings of the Windlord starts the quest chain to obtain  [Emanation of the Winds]. To start this quest, speak with Thrymjaris in Stormheim while possessing either the left half or the right half of the  [Bindings of the Windlord].


Retrieve both Bindings of the Windlord and 10 Infernal Brimstone.


With Thunderaan risen again as the lord of Skywall, there may indeed be an arrangement you can make in exchange for those wretched implements. But one binding is of no use on its own.

Return to me with both bindings, and with powerful enough ore to bind them, and I will arrange your audience with Thunderaan the Windlord.


You will receive: 77g 60s


Yes, <race>?


And so you return with the Bindings in hand. The Firelord will be very displeased to have lost these.


Thrymjaris will not appear near the top of Thorim's Peak if you have not done the "Trial of Will" chapter of [Vrykul Story, Bro] (ending with N [100 - 110] Where Dragons Rule).


You possess a powerful binding from the Firelord's kin. These are no toys, <race>. Bindings such as these threaten even the great elemental lords. They are unspeakably dangerous to possess.

Do you seek to imprison the Windlord with these bindings? Or do you have some other intent?

Gossip I do not fear the Windlord. As long as I have this binding, he should fear me.
Begone, <race>. I want nothing to do with your foolish plans.
Gossip I have no desire to imprison the Windlord. I wish to come to an arrangement with him.
Thunderaan has returned through the efforts of the Earthen Ring. The new Windlord has risen, and it is he you should speak to about these wretched creations.
But even then, just one Binding is of little use even to the lord of Skywall.
Gossip What would the Windlord require to arrange an audience?
Bold, <race>. The elemental lords are not known for their generosity.
Still, should you recover both bindings and ore powerful enough to turn them into something of use, then I will arrange your audience with Thunderaan the Windlord/
Use the time between then and now to consider the wisdom of this meeting. I shall understand if you do not return.
Gossip I see.

Known issue

If you chose the first dialogue option, Thrymjaris will not speak to you further regarding the bindings. To fix this, queue for a Arena Skirmishes and then leave the group.

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