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Image of Birchus
Race Draenor ancient (Elemental)
Level 15-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dionor's Demise, Gorgrond[50.3, 47.5]
Status Active
Birchus at Lunarfall.

Birchus is a Draenor ancient found in Gorgrond. Upon completing his quests, he is seen as a vendor in the Frostwall and Lunarfall garrisons.



Birchus becomes a food vendor while in the commander's garrison.

Inv misc food 22.png [Tanaan Sweetmelon] Inv drink 07.png [Gorgrond Mineral Water]
Inv misc food 57.png [Gorgrond Grapes] Inv misc food 19.png [Blood Apples]



Main article: Ambassador to the Ancient#Notes
During quests

I beg of you, <class>, use the Heart for its true purpose! The favor of Dionor will be quite tremendous indeed!

After quests

He didn't kill us! What an incredible reward! We live to sprout another day.

Thank you for your service to the Overgrowth, <name>! I wish to personally repay you for your efforts. Perhaps I can grow you some special fruits or something. DO you have a home I can visit?

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