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For the alternate incarnation of the Black Temple, see Karabor.
Black Temple
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The Black Temple is the fortress-citadel of Illidan Stormrage, Lord of Outland. It was once known as the Temple of Karabor, and has changed hands many times over the generations. The entrance to the Black Temple does not appear to be its main gates, but rather an instance portal set in a breach in the southern battlement, below the ruins of Karabor[71.0, 46.3]. It no longer has a required attunement.


Main article: Temple of Karabor

Long ago on Draenor, the Temple of Karabor was the center of draenei worship. But the devout priests who prayed there are long dead, slaughtered by marauding, demonically corrupted orcs. In the massacre's aftermath the warlocks of the Shadow Council seized the structure and bestowed upon it a new name: the Black Temple. The temple was warped by the Void powers of the Dark Star, an ancient dark god of the Shadowmoon clan that was actually the fallen naaru, K'ara.[1]

When Illidan the Betrayer fled to Draenor (now called Outland), he ousted the Temple's ruler - the pit lord Magtheridon - and claimed his throne as the lord of the blasted world. Despite the bitter retribution of his enemies, Illidan has begun to tighten his grip on Outland from within the profaned sanctum, where he awaits any and all who would challenge his rule.[2]


The 4 bosses after Supremus can be fought a non-linear order, but all must be defeated in order to unlock Mother Shahraz and continue to the end.



Chamber of Command  · Den of Mortal Delights  · Grand Promenade  · Gorefiend's Vigil  · Halls of Anguish  · Illidari Training Grounds  · Karabor Sewers  · Sanctuary of Shadows  · Shrine of Lost Souls  · Temple Summit  · The Refectory


The Black Temple bosses
Bosses Monsters NPCs
Karabor Sewers
Illidari Training Grounds
The Refectory

IconSmall Akama.gif Akama

Sanctuary of Shadows
Gorefiend's Vigil
Halls of Anguish
Shrine of Lost Souls
Den of Mortal Delights
Grand Promenade
Chamber of Command
Temple Summit


Main article: Black Temple Attunement

Though the attunement is no longer required to gain entrance to the Temple, you can still complete it. Below is a short guide on how to.

First you have to complete Akama's Promise. Then players adventuring in the Serpentshrine Cavern will have access to a quest from a Broken NPC named Seer Olum in Fathom-Lord Karathress's room (the quest is entitled The Secret Compromised). After delivering a message to Akama, he informs Illidan of Kael'thas' treachery in order to attempt to prove his loyalty (Illidan believes him, but is still suspicious). You will then need to slay Al'ar in the Eye of Tempest Keep so that Akama can convince Illidan he is still loyal.

The next part of the attunement involves killing Rage Winterchill, a lich boss, which is also the first boss in the Battle of Mount Hyjal instance. After this you are sent to Xi'ri outside the gates of Black Temple. You must slay the demonic Illidari forces outside the Temple in order to provide a distraction for Akama and Maiev to slip into the Temple undetected. After that Xi'ri rewards you with the  [Medallion of Karabor].


Main article: Black Temple loot

The Black Temple is a level 70 raid instance in Outland, containing tier 6 drops and the Twin Blades of Azzinoth.




A card back themed after the Black Temple in Hearthstone.
  • In The Frozen Throne, the Black Temple was called "Black Citadel" and was situated in Hellfire Peninsula instead.
  • A joke Black Temple attunement quest line was published on the 1st of April 2007. This was a reference to the Hyjal attunement quest that technically requires players to complete most of the high-level dungeons in the game. Hyjal attunement was also a step in Black Temple attunement.
  • The planet Azeroth is visible in the southern sky from the courtyard where you fight Supremus. It is also visible from the temple summit, although the view is cloudy.
  • In Hearthstone, the Black Temple card back was rewarded for achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Season 2, which took place during May 2014. The flavor text reads: "“Fel Flame Green” is always in fashion at the Black Temple."
  • An unknown entity time-traveled to the Black Temple right before the original Illidari attack on Mardum and modified the battleplans for the incoming assault to make them even better. Vormu of the bronze dragonflight came too late to stop this modification of the timeline.[3]



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