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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Black iron golems are mysterious golems discovered under the ruins of the Capital City of Lordaeron. Resting beneath the ruins of Lordaeron’s capital lies the Undercity, populated by the undead Forsaken. At the gates to the realm deep below are black iron creations under the control of the Banshee Queen Sylvanas.


Whoever built these imposing black constructs has not left a record of how to create them. There is a similarity in the apparent design of these enigmatic constructs with that of stone watchers, giving evidence that they are connected to the titans. The Black Iron Golems of the Undercity defy analysis. The runes and magic shift and change with each inspection. Although their true purpose remains a mystery, it is obvious that these hulking guardians will remain unique for now. Anyone attempting to create a black iron golem creates a normal iron golem instead.[1][2]

Since their discovery, the 13 iron juggernauts have become the guardians of a realm that opposes the undead tyranny of the Scourge. These black iron sentinels prevent incursion from the Scourge above. While the denizens of the Undercity plot to move against the Lich King and his undead armies, these creations of some elder race defend the gates of the Forsaken realm. The Banshee Queen is clearly not the creator of these relics, since they were in the Undercity long before men discovered it. How Sylvanas managed to tame them is a closely guarded secret. Standing 30 feet tall and weighing at least 10,000 pounds, these solid black iron statues at first appear to blend in with the rest of Undercity's décor. The formidable, black iron statues bear the rich runes of an ancient undecipherable tongue. Leering masks hang on the faces of these iron golems. These vast death heads grin at those who might seek to trespass through the thresholds under their guard. A black iron golem’s surface almost seems to absorb the light cast upon it. While they don't seem to respond to the commands of Undercity’s denizens, they do not move to block those not under the Lich King's yoke. Even independent undead serving the Lich King are blocked by these creatures; many spies have been destroyed trying to sneak past them. Yet for some mysterious reason, the Forsaken can pass through the gates without fear.

In total, 13 golems block the entrances to Undercity, each one responsible for a different entrance, with the largest entrance to the tunnels and caves guarded by two of the massive statues. When the forces of the Scourge attempt to rush the gates, the golems easily rebuke them, especially when aided by the magic and martial skill of the Forsaken warlocks and warriors who dwell within.

To see a black iron golem in motion is to witness violent death embodied. Swift and indomitable, these creations are relentless in moving to block the gates of the Undercity from trespass.[1]


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