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Blackhand is a family of orcs of the Blackrock clan.

Name Role Status Location
Horde  Blackhand First Warchief of the Horde Deceased Various Locations
Neutral  Urukal Mate of Blackhand and mother of his children Deceased Unknown
Neutral  Dal'rend "Rend" Blackhand Son of Blackhand, Warchief of the Dark Horde Deceased Formerly Blackrock Stadium, Upper Blackrock Spire
Neutral  Maim Blackhand Son of Blackhand, killed by the Dark Iron clan Deceased Unknown
Neutral  Griselda Blackhand Daughter of Blackhand, ran off with the ogre Turok Deceased Unknown
Warlords of Draenor Alternate
Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Blackhand Warlord of the Blackrock clan Deceased-Killable Various Locations

"Blackhand" may also refer to: