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Lord Hiram Creed, former leader of the Blackhowl.
Main leader


Base of operations
Theater of operations

Secretly manipulated by black dragonflight



The Blackhowl are a group of Gilneans who are led by Lord Hiram Creed, a black drakonid in disguise as an affluent Gilnean noble. The group is composed of both human and worgen Gilneans, and they occupy Gilneas City. The group as a whole has been given Creed's draconic blood,[1] which seems to have both enhanced their physical capabilities and unwittingly keeps them loyal to Creed.

The Blackhowl have apparently repelled numerous Forsaken assaults, as seen in the courtyard of the Stoneward Prison where Creed resides, which is littered with Forsaken corpses. The Blackhowl's status with the Alliance is unknown. They being Gilneans may mean that Creed has aligned with the Alliance, albeit likely temporarily, to keep his ruse from suspicion within the Alliance. However his ulterior motives are obviously sinister and the affiliation is just for show. They are still openly hostile to Alliance rogues caught during their quest to assassinate Creed, although this may be because they are defending Creed from would-be assassins. Black Prince Wrathion sends in rogues who seek to earn his favor to assassinate Creed in his crusade to eliminate all corrupted Black dragons on Azeroth. With Creed's death, it is unknown what the fate of the Blackhowl group is; the most likely scenario being their rejoining/continuing to work with the Alliance and their Gilnean brethren against the Forsaken - assuming Creed's corrupted draconic blood works its way out of their system without killing them.[1]




This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Status with the Alliance

It is very clearly seen that the Blackhowl are hostile to the Horde, namely the Forsaken, as they have obliterated various Forsaken attack attempts. The Blackhowl are seen as and referred to as Gilneans just under the sway of Creed, Given the events following and during the Silverpine Forest storyline, it is likely the Blackhowl are working with the Alliance at the time the player has encountered them. The Blackhowl are seen as openly hostile to Alliance rogues, this may just be either for mechanic reasons or because they (accurately) perceive the rogues as threats to them.

Given that black dragons have been able to sneak into human societies as affluent figures without detection in the past, It is likely Creed had done the same with the Gilneans who he brought into the Blackhowl. Given the methods of subversion, and the use of blood for various benefits having been seen frequently at that time, Creed could have easily found a way to trick the Gilneans into drinking his blood. Coupled with the fact that Wrathion and his followers claim the Gilneans had no clue of their subversion, the Blackhowl were likely still considered Alliance members.

Allegiance and corruption

The quests and characters claim that through Creed's corrupted blood, the Blackhowl are unwittingly becoming his loyal servants. As the process is not complete, Rogues are ordered to avoid killing any of the Gilneans as they could still be saved from servitude. It is unknown how the blood corrupts those who drink it, it's possible that the dragon's corruption runs within their blood and as such would drive those who drink it into madness. None-the-less, the last quest states that the blood also has a possibility of killing the Gilneans as it works it's way out of their system.

With the need to do such methods of subterfuge and subversion, as well as taking the facade of an affluent nobleman, it's likely the Blackhowl were initially just another Gilnean defense group within the area under the Alliance to guard the City. It is highly unlikely that the Blackhowl forsook their ties to the Alliance, with the Gilneas Liberation front and Alliance forces being the only things holding back a naval invasion and the fact that Creed takes the disguise as a nobleman, something that wouldn't hold any worth if the group had forsaken the Alliance and Gilneas.

Aftermath of Creed's death

Following Creed's death, it is unknown what happens to the Blackhowl. The rogues are not sent to assassinate any other member of the group, in fact they are to avoid them completely. It is seen very clearly that the Blackhowl are able to handle their own against the Forsaken, as their bodies litter areas of Gilneas City so it is doubtful they would have abandoned Gilneas City or even have lost it to the Forsaken with his death.

Given the circumstance, assuming that the Blackhowl were in fact unaware of their corruption by the dragon, it is likely that the Blackhowl merely re-integrated with the Gilnean forces of the Alliance out in the Ruins of Gilneas, assuming they were aware they even left them to begin with.

Zazzo makes a comment on the status of the Gilneans following Creed's death, stating they're on their own again assuming his blood works his way out of their system without killing them. It furthers the idea that the Blackhowl had little to no idea what was going on, and assuming they did survive, they likely continued on with the Alliance.


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