Blackrock Rifling

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  • Blackrock Rifling
  • Use: Upgrades an item level 645 Engineered gun to 660.
  • Requires Level 91


This item is crafted by Engineers with a skill level of 1; taught by  [Schematic: Blackrock Rifling]

The components are:
Inv eng gearspringparts.png 200x [Gearspring Parts] Inv tradeskillitem sorcererswind tong.png 40x [Sorcerous Air]
Inv misc boilingblood.png 15x [Savage Blood]

Required tools:

The recipe is sold for 5 x  [Secret of Draenor Engineering] from the engineering vendor at Lunarfall / Frostwall (requires the Engineering Works building), and Stormshield / Warspear in Ashran.


Any Blackrock Rifling crafted prior to Patch 6.2.0 was converted to Unstable Blackrock Rifling, which can be "restored" to  [True Iron Trigger] along with a partial refund of the crafting materials.

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