Blackrock Spire loot

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This is a page listing loot to be found in Lower Blackrock Spire. For information about the instance itself, see Lower Blackrock Spire.


Boss Item Type
Spirestone Battle Lord
 [The Blackrock Slicer] Two-Hand Axe
 [Swiftdart Battleboots] Agility mail boots
Spirestone Lord Magus
 [Ogreseer Tower Boots] Caster cloth boots
 [Magus Ring] Caster ring
 [Globe of D'sak] Caster off-hand
Spirestone Butcher
 [Rivenspike] One-hand axe
 [Butcher's Apron] DPS cloak
Highlord Omokk  [Fist of Omokk] Strength two-hand mace
 [Skyshroud Leggings] Caster cloth leggings
 [Tressermane Leggings] Spirit leather leggings
 [Plate of the Shaman King] Strength plate chest
 [Slamshot Shoulders] Strength plate shoulders
 [Omokk's Head] Item
Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin  [Blackcrow] Crossbow
 [Riphook] Bow
 [Funeral Cuffs] Caster cloth bracers
 [Demonic Runed Spaulders] Agility leather shoulders
 [Trueaim Gauntlets] Agility mail gloves
War Master Voone  [Keris of Zul'Serak] Melee dagger
 [Kayser's Boots of Precision] Caster cloth boots
 [Brazecore Armguards] Caster mail bracers
 [Talisman of Evasion] Tank necklace
Mor Grayhoof
 [The Jaw Breaker] Agility one-hand mace
 [Ironweave Belt] Caster cloth belt
 [Belt of the Trickster] Agility leather belt
 [Tome of Divine Right] Spirit off-hand
Bannok Grimaxe
 [Demonfork] Melee one-hand axe
 [Chiselbrand Girdle] Agility mail belt
 [Backusarian Gauntlets] Strength plate gloves
 [Plans: Arcanite Reaper] Blacksmithing plans
Mother Smolderweb  [Venomspitter] Melee one-hand mace
 [Gilded Gauntlets] Spirit mail gloves
 [Smolderweb's Eye] DPS trinket
 [Smolderweb Egg] Companion
Crystal Fang
 [Fang of the Crystal Spider] Melee dagger
 [Sunderseer Mantle] Spirit clot shoulders
 [Fallbrush Handgrips] Spirit leather gloves
Urok Doomhowl  [Slaghide Gauntlets] Agility leather gloves
 [Marksman's Girdle] Agility mail belt
 [Ribsteel Footguards] Strength plate boots
 [Rosewine Circle] Spirit ring
Quartermaster Zigris  [Hands of Power] Caster cloth gloves
 [Cloudrunner Girdle] Agility leather belt
 [Plans: Annihilator] Blacksmithing plans
 [Worg Carrier] Companion
Halycon  [Ironweave Bracers] Caster cloth bracers
 [Pads of the Dread Wolf] Agility leather boots
 [Slashclaw Bracers] Mail bracers
 [Halycon's Spiked Collar] Agility necklace
Gizrul the Slavener  [Rhombeard Protector] Spirit shield
 [Wolfshear Leggings] Spirit cloth leggings
 [Bleak Howler Armguards] Spirit leather bracers
Ghok Bashguud
 [Bashguuder] Strength one-hand mace
 [Hurd Smasher] Melee fist weapon
 [Armswake Cloak] Strength cloak
Overlord Wyrmthalak  [Relentless Scythe] Strength two-hand sword
 [Trindlehaven Staff] Caster staff
 [Reiver Claws] Strength plate gloves
 [Heart of Wyrmthalak] DPS trinket
 [Mark of the Dragon Lord] Caster/spirit ring