Blacksmith Calypso

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AllianceBlacksmith Calypso
Image of Blacksmith Calypso
Title <Blacksmithing Trainer & Supplies>
Gender Female
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 1-10
Affiliation(s) Ironforge
Location Azuremyst Isle[46.4, 71.1]

Blacksmith Calypso is a level 8 artisan blacksmithing trainer found at Odesyus' Landing in the draenei starting zone of Azuremyst Isle.


Given her location at Odesyus' Landing, her name is likely a reference to the nymph Calypso from Homer's Odyssey. Her appearance and accent indicate that she may also be a reference to Tia Dalma/Calypso from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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