Blademaster Telaamon

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AllianceBlademaster Telaamon
Image of Blademaster Telaamon
Gender Male
Race Lightforged draenei (Humanoid)
Level 110 Elite
Health 9,353k
Mana 2,665k
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Army of the Light, Alliance
Occupation Blademaster
Location Krokuun
Status Alive
Deceased Battle for Azeroth

Blademaster Telaamon is a Lightforged draenei located on Krokuun. He is a blademaster of captain Fareeya's forces in the Army of the Light, who was in the process of securing an area in Mac'Aree for Prophet Velen along with Grand Vindicator Sorvos and Baraat the Longshot when the Burning Legion came crashing down on them. Their captain then sent orders to regroup with the Prophet, through adventurers to the three soldiers.

Telaamon would later join the Alliance along with the rest of the Army of the Light. During the Blood War, he willingly joined a suicide mission in Nazmir to bait the Horde away from Dazar'alor while the Alliance invaded. As Telaamon explained to Halford Wyrmbane, he had seen what had happened to Argus due to some of his peoples' uncontrolled desire for power, and if the Hore was left unchecked he knew the same would happen to Azeroth. Telaamon was willing to pay any price to ensure no one went through the same pain he did.[1] Though he was killed by the Horde, he and his team accomplished what they needed to do.[2]


  • Blazing Divide - - Deals 185000 to 215000 Holy damage to all targets in front of the caster.
  • Righteous Blade - Strikes the enemy with a divine blade, inflicting Holy damage.


  • Needs to be spoken with in N [110] Overt Ops.


  • Bend, or you shall break.
  • Dawn Rises.
  • Two Talbuks Clashing Horns.
  • You are no match for my blade.
  • Your defeat is certain.

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