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Blasted Lands

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For how the Blasted Lands was prior to Cataclysm, see Blasted Lands (Classic).
NeutralBlasted Lands
Level: 40 - 60; 90 - 92
Battle Pet Level: 16 - 17
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Former ruler(s)
Major settlements
Minor settlements
Former affiliation(s)

Southeastern Azeroth

PvP status
War does not simply visit these lands, it lives here. The violence thrives in the past, present, and future...

The Blasted Lands bear that name for a reason: they were twisted by the magic that brought the Dark Portal into being, spewing the rampaging orcish Horde into Azeroth. Though the original portal was destroyed by Khadgar in the Second War, it was later rebuilt for Ner'zhul's Horde to cross.

Leading into the remains of Draenor, the shattered world of Outland, the portal was reconfigured to lead towards an alternate past incarnation of that world, thirty-five years in the past from where the Iron Horde came.


Serpent's Coil.
The Dark Portal since the invasion of the Iron Horde.

This foul desert was once the southern part of a dark fen of marshlands called the Black Morass; the northern part being the Swamp of Sorrows. This is the area where the orcish Horde first entered Azeroth through the Dark Portal, followed soon by their attack on the human lands to the northwest. The lands around the former Dark Portal are burnt and dead, forever warped by the powers that followed its destruction. Lightning strikes are constant, and the inhospitable land is home to groups of especially vicious and powerful creatures. A sizable remnant of the Burning Legion has taken refuge within the Tainted Scar. It is still watched over by the wizards of Dalaran within the fortress of Nethergarde, established by the Archmage Khadgar after the Second War.

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

As if the orcish Horde weren't enough, Dreadmaul ogres also came through the Dark Portal but unlike the orcs, they remained in the Blasted Lands. Nethergarde’s mages tell that the ogres serve Lord Kazzak. Whoever their master is, he orders them to attack the Alliance's keep on an uncomfortably regular basis.

The Burning Crusade

The Burning Crusade This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

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Prior to the start of the invasion of Outland, the Blasted Lands were the site of a battle between the Argent Dawn, the Alliance and the Horde against the demons of the Burning Legion who reopened the Dark Portal.[1]

Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

The area was also invaded twice by the Scourge in the years leading to the war against the Lich King.[2]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

During the Cataclysm, the Horde's Okril'lon forces took control over Dreadmaul Hold. In the south of the region, the Gilnean druid Marl Wormthorn tried to returned the Blasted Lands to its old splendor turning much of the Tainted Scar into the Tainted Forest, but because of the demonic powers around the area, the forest and Marl were corrupted. His followers built a small fishing village, Surwich near the edge of the forest. The blood elves of the Reliquary built a small camp not far from the Tainted Forest in search for demonic artifacts hidden in the region.

The conflict between the Alliance and Horde raged in the northern part of the region for a time, focused mainly on the Nethergarde's supply base located between Dreadmaul Hold and Nethergarde Keep. The Burning Legion forces were thrown into disarray after the defeat of Razelikh the Defiler at the hands of Loramus Thalipedes and a brave soul who accompanied him.

Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

The next years have brought yet another danger towards Azeroth's very doorstep when the history itself came full circle. Kairozdormu brought Garrosh to the past in of an alternate Draenor where the deposed Warchief instigated the transformation of the Orcish Horde into the Iron Horde. Now he's used their own Dark Portal to bridge the parallel Draenor with Azeroth-prime, allowing the Ironmarch vanguard force of the Iron Horde to come through the Dark Portal and occupy the land along with the vengeful Dreadmaul ogres. By bridging between the two realities, the Dark portal turned into red. The Iron horde captured Okril'lon Hold and destroyed Nethergarde Keep during the initial stages of their invasion.

Getting there


This desolate and barren land has very little in the way of flora and fauna (the only exception is the Tainted Forest) barring the demons which now wander the plains. The region is particularly notable as of the Dark Portal that leads to Draenor, (formerly leading to Outland).

The wretched land hosts few inhabitants and some important small settlements such as Nethergarde Keep, Dreadmaul Hold or Surwich. Magic that leaked through the Dark Portal warped the Blasted Lands, leaving an infertile desert landscape. Hardy desert species like basilisks, scorpions and hyenas have since colonized the area. The red rocks of the region do not come by their color naturally. The original tan color was transmuted into the unearthly crimson by searing heat and chaotic energies when the Dark Portal was destroyed.

There is but one usable road in the Blasted Lands, guarded at the north by Nethergarde Keep’s grim mages. They have the unenviable task of watching the Dark Portal, guarding the rest of the continent against the demons in the south and protecting themselves from the ogre tribes that roam the desert.

The weather here is dry and hot during the day and bitterly cold at night. Mountains block any moisture that may come from the Swamp of Sorrows to the north, and the only signs of life can be found within the Tainted Forest on the southwest, but it was corrupted by demonic powers that have taken hold over the mastermind behind the revitalization of the scorched scar, the Gilnean druid Marl Wormthorn.

There are no instanced dungeons or battlegrounds in this zone.

Maps and subregions

Map of the Blasted Lands post-Iron Horde Incursion.
Map of the Blasted Lands pre-Iron Horde Incursion.

Note: Some of the subzones in the Blasted Lands were changed during the pre-patch for Warlords of Draenor. For players wishing to see the Blasted Lands as it was after Cataclysm but before the WoD pre-patch, you can visit an NPC called Zidormi next to the road at the border between the Blasted Lands and the Swamp of Sorrows.

Travel hubs

Nethergarde Keep.
Dreadmaul Hold.
Alliance Flight paths from Nethergarde Keep
Horde Flight paths from Dreadmaul Hold
Horde Flight paths from Sunveil Excursion
Alliance Flight paths from Surwich

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Swamp of Sorrows HordeAlliance 40 - 60 North By foot or flight path.
Hellfire Peninsula HordeAlliance 58 - 80 Center Through the Dark Portal.

Quest and travel hubs

Place Name Faction # of Quests Flight Path Notable Character
Dreadmaul Hold Horde ?? Yes ??
Nethergarde Keep Alliance ?? Yes ??
Sunveil Excursion Horde ?? Yes ??
Surwich Alliance ?? Yes ??

Notable characters

The Tainted Forest.
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Dig sites

Blasted Lands

Dreadmaul Fossil Field @ 45,37
Red Reaches Fossil Bank @ 64,78

Blasted Lands has two dig sites:

  1. Dreadmaul Post; contains Fossil Archaeology Fragments.
  2. The Red Reaches; contains Fossil Archaeology Fragments.

Wild creatures

In Warcraft III

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

The barrens are littered with gold mines and heavily populated by centaurs. The tileset is called "Barrens".[3]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

This wasted desert of red clay is home to the original Dark Portal, that leads to Outland — the remains of the orcish sundered homeworld, Draenor. Nethergarde Keep, a Stormwind fortress of dour mages and paladins, and the Horde forces of former Rockard, now named Dreadmaul Hold keep watch over the portal and the demons and ogres that would abuse its power and send the aspiring warriors to aid the war effort, that is still raging on the other side.[4]

Notes and trivia

  • During the Iron Horde invasion, places like Altar of Storms, The Tainted Scar, The Tainted Forest, Surwich, and Sunveil Excursion were completely empty. It is most likely developers' oversight or perhaps done on purpose, because the entire zone is phased, and none of the quests take place in these regions.
  • Level 90+ players can talk to Zidormi in order to switch between the normal and phased version of the zone.
  • Those with the Burning Crusade and at least level 57 are able to use the now reopened Dark Portal to reach Hellfire Peninsula in Outland, although it is recommended to wait until level 58 as quests are very limited at 57. The Dark Portal, like Shattrath City, is a sanctuary and therefore combat there is prohibited, even between PvP flagged players.
  • The occasional lightning that strikes the ground near the Dark Portal cannot hurt you in any way.
  • There are no mailboxes for Horde players in this zone, while the Alliance has two.
  • Interestingly, the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans manual originally implied that the Dark Portal was making the land more sick[5] and swamp-like[6] instead of making it burnt and dead.
  • The Blasted Lands were inspired from Greater Sudbury, Ontario, a mining town whose soil was made nickel-rich by a meteor strike long ago, notably its desolate surroundings and its blackened rocks that had been discolored by acid rain.[7]


Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Level scaling implemented, previous zone level: 54 - 60.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.3 (2014-10-28): The Iron Horde invasion has ended.
Accessing the event is still available, but the  [Iron Starlette] pet and [The Iron Invasion] achievement are no longer available to players who missed the event.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): The Iron Horde invasion has begun. New quests have been added for level 90 players.
Zone phases for 90+ characters. Characters under 90 will continue seeing the zone before the invasion started.


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