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Bleeding Ziggurat

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Bleeding Ziggurat.

Bleeding Ziggurat is a ziggurat just east of the Dead Scar in central Ghostlands. [40, 49] It's identical to it's twin Howling Ziggurat. The area around the ziggurat is patrolled by Stonewing Trackers. Inside the ziggurat three Deatholme Darkmages guard the  [Stone of Flame] - an ancient artifact imbued with power of the Sunwell by Grand Magister Belo'vir Salonar. Adventurers are tasked to retrieve the Stone in order to use it against the Scourge in the area.



H [17] The Twin Ziggurats


Rare Dr. Whitherlimb spawns inside the ziggurat, providing additional challenge to players trying to retrieve the stone.

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