Blessed Arcanite Barding (quest)

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AllianceBlessed Arcanite Barding

60 (Requires 60)


8300 EXP (or 49s 50c at level 70)


This quest is part of the Barding segment of the Summoning the Charger quest chain.


Return with the  [Blessed Arcanite Barding] to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Cathedral District of Stormwind.


As the barding rests on the back of the Ancient Equine Spirit, it glows ever so slightly. The air is thick with power for a brief moment, and then the barding disappears from the back of the horse and is now secure in your backpack.

It would seem that the barding has been blessed. As per Lord Shadowbreaker's instructions, you should now return with it to him in Stormwind.


<name>, you're back! Were you able to successfully deal with Merideth Carlson and Tendris Warpwood? Honestly, I'm not sure which one is a greater threat at times...


You've come far, my friend. Your barding is now suitably prepared for the last task at hand.

You will be using this barding to harness your charger once the task of redemption is complete. Before that, however, you will have a monumental struggle to overcome. Your time draws near - huzzah!

There is one last item that needs to be made before we begin this, <name>. Hopefully your resourcefulness has not departed you since you had your barding made...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


A Paladin [60] Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker (optional)

The paladin must complete both the Censer series, and the Barding series, after which he is offered the Scryer quests. The two series are otherwise independent.

  1. The Censer
    1. A Paladin [60] Emphasis on Sacrifice
    2. A Paladin [60] To Show Due Judgment
    3. A Paladin [60] Exorcising Terrordale
  2. The Barding
    1. A Paladin [60] The Work of Grimand Elmore
    2. A Paladin [60D] Collection of Goods
    3. A Paladin [60] Grimand's Finest Work
    4. A Paladin [60D] Ancient Equine Spirit
      requiring A Paladin [60] Manna-Enriched Horse Feed
    5. A Paladin [60] Blessed Arcanite Barding
  3. The Scryer (after both Censer and Barding are complete)
    1. A Paladin [60] The Divination Scryer
    2. A Paladin [60D] Judgement and Redemption

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