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Blood Guard Toldrek

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HordeBlood Guard Toldrek
Image of Blood Guard Toldrek
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 30-35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Blood guard
Location Shimmering Expanse; Tenebrous Cavern, Abyssal Depths

Blood Guard Toldrek is an orc found in Shimmering Expanse and in Tenebrous Cavern in Abyssal Depths.


Shimmering Expanse
Abyssal Depths


  • My wounds are not healing, <race>. I fear I may die inside this creature's gut if we do not act soon.
  • Don't worry - if they try to pretend they didn't see it, I'll swim over there and drag them off of their ships myself.
  • If we are to die, let it be with honor against our hated enemies!
Fiasco Sizzlegrin yells: Somebody kill it!
Blood Guard Toldrek yells: You fools stop running around! Face it!
Merciless One yells: YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE
Fiasco Sizzlegrin yells: Mommy!
Blood Guard Toldrek yells: Somebody knock that thing off of <player's> head!
Sergeant Gertrude yells: Get me out of here!
Merciless One yells: I COME FROME BELOW
Fiasco Sizzlegrin yells: Don't eat my head

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