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For lore, see blood mage.

Blood Mage


Race Blood elf
Faction Human Alliance
Hit points 550 (1000*)
Hit point regeneration Always
Hit point regeneration rate 1.40 (2.30*) HP/sec.
Mana 285 (690*)
Mana Regeneration rate 0.96 (2.31*) Mana/sec.
Unit Classified As: Ground
Level 1-10
Gold 425 Gold
Lumber 100 Lumber
Food 5 Food
Produced at Altar of Kings
Build time 55 sec.
Hotkey B
Normal attack: 24 (51*) avg
Can attack: Ground, Structure, Debris, Air, Item, Ward
Range 60
Attack type Hero
Cooldown 1.36 (1.18*) sec.
Weapon type Missile
Armor Type Flesh
Defense Type Hero
Armor 2 (5*)
Day Sight 180
Night Sight 80
Movement Speed Fast (300)
Sound Set BloodElfSorceror
Hero Parameters
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Strength Infocard-heroattributes-str.png 18 (+2/level)
Agility Infocard-heroattributes-agi.png 14 (+1/level)
Intelligence Infocard-heroattributes-int.png 19 (+3/level)
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Many of the stoic high elves, reeling from the loss of their ancient homeland, Quel'Thalas, have given in to their hatred and despair and embraced the dark side of their magical natures. Calling themselves 'Blood Elves' - these cold hearted refugees seek to expand their remaining magical powers at any cost - even if it means courting the infernal powers of the Burning Legion! Though still loyal to the Alliance, the Blood Elves' passions will lead them not only to the highest pinnacles of power, but to the darkest depths of madness.


Level Attack (Ground/Air) Armor Strength Agility Intelligence Hit Points Mana
1 24-34 [29 avg]/None 4 22 13 17 650 255
2 26-36 [31 avg]/None 4 24 14 18 700 270
3 29-39 [34 avg]/None 5 27 16 20 775 300
4 32-42 [37 avg]/None 5 30 17 22 850 330
5 34-44 [39 avg]/None 6 32 19 24 900 360
6 37-47 [42 avg]/None 6 35 20 26 975 390
7 40-50 [45 avg]/None 7 38 22 27 1050 405
8 42-52 [47 avg]/None 7 40 23 29 1100 435
9 45-55 [50 avg]/None 8 43 25 31 1175 465
10 48-58 [53 avg]/None 8 46 26 33 1250 495

Hero names

Eldin Sunstrider, Tanin Hawkwing, Lorn Bloodseeker, Aldos Firestar, Gilaras Drakeson, Hale Magefire, Kath'ranis Remar, Tyoril Sunchaser, Sylvos Windrunner, Tenris Mirkblood, Marakanis Starfury, Geldor Earthfire, Halendor Burnkin, Kelen the Destroyer.


A mystical Hero, adept at controlling magic and ranged assaults. Though still members of the Alliance, the Blood Elves have begun to turn to the darkest parts of magic, abandoning the water and frost spells of the Kirin Tor for the fire and heat of what some people fear to be Demonic magic.

Blood Mages aren't often used by human commanders in small or free-for-all matches due to their lack of versatility (namely, an Archmage's Mass Teleport), but are very useful in team matches. Perhaps his most useful spells are Banish and Mana Drain, since these can be both used as support and offense. Phoenix is an incredibly powerful ultimate if used by an experienced human player.

Spells and abilities

Flame Strike

Conjures a pillar of fire which damages ground units in a target area over time.
Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets
6 sec. 10 sec. 135 80 20 Ground, Enemy, Neutral, Friend, Building, Self, Tree
Level Effect Hero Level Req
1 45 damage/sec. for 3 seconds, minor damage for 6 sec. 1
2 80 damage/sec. for 3 seconds, light damage for 6 sec. 3
3 110 damage/sec. for 3 seconds, moderate damage for 6 sec. 5
  • Flamestrike damage is capped to 6 targets. If more than 6 targets are hit, the damage done to 6 targets normally is split evenly across all available targets.
  • Even though Flamestrike appears to be instant-cast, it requires the Blood Mage to stand still for a second (or so) while it's "charged up". If the Blood Mage moves right after targeting a location, the flame-effect (along with the damage) will not trigger, and only the "gong"-sound effect and the smoke-like vortex will be performed. This can be at advantage to the opponent as a well-timed stun will interrupt the Flame Strike.
  • The area listed is the full damage area, not the total area.
  • Flame Strike can be used to clear trees.


Turns a unit ethereal and slows its movement speed by 50%. Ethereal units cannot attack, but they can cast spells and will take 66% more damage from Magic attacks and spells.
Range Allowed Targets Effect
80 Air, Ground, Organic, Self Unit turned Ethereal with 50% movement speed.
Level Duration (Hero) Mana Cost Hero Level Req
1 12 (4) sec. 75 1
2 15 (5) sec. 60 3
3 18 (6) sec. 50 5
  • This ability is useful for putting powerful combat units out of battle such as a Tauren or Knight. You can also use this for Creeping by casting Banish on a powerful Creep that you want to disable, similar to how you would use Sleep. This is especially good against enemy Combat heroes such as a Blademaster or Demon Hunter.
  • Banished Units take 66% more damage from magic and spell attacks.
  • Using Banish with great Hero killing spells can amplify the damage to a great extent. Casting Banish before using a Level 3 Storm Bolt gives off 350 x 166% = 581 damage to non-hero units! This works wonders on heroes.
  • Beneficial spells providing healing will also have a greater effect upon ethereal units. Casting Banish on units and then healing them will greatly increase the HP restored. This can be a crucial detail when you need to maximize healing in order to rapidly prepare wounded units for an attack, or keep the healing on friendly units in combat higher than the received damage.
  • Banish can also be used to protect friendly units. An example would be using it on your spell casters to prevent them from being attacked by combat units. This is often a good strategy in larger battles where the enemy focuses several of their units on your heroes. Still, this is a "double-edged blade" as your opponent may seize the chance to intensify their own spells. Because of this, it is risky to protect your important units in battles where the opponent have typical nuking-spells such as the mentioned Storm Bolt or the Lich's Frost Nova.

Siphon Mana

Transfers mana between the Blood Mage and a target. Drains mana from an enemy, or transfers mana to an ally. Siphon Mana can push the Blood Mage's mana over its maximum value, though excess mana drains off rapidly if not used.
Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Allowed Targets
6 sec. 6 sec. 10 60-80 Air, Ground, Enemy, Organic, Neutral
Level Effect Hero Level Req
1 15 mana drained/sec. 1
2 30 mana drained/sec. 3
3 45 mana drained/sec. 5
  • Use this ability to get back mana when you are out or to remove mana from enemy units. The ability will keep draining mana until the target is at a distance of 80.
  • Use this spell against Heroes that require heavy Mana usage such as the Archmage, Far Seer, Keeper of the Grove and Lich to prevent heavy damage from their spells. It is also a good idea to use it on other Heroes to prevent them from using their Ultimates.
  • Trying to transfer to another hero of your own gives the message "..only enemy units..". However, this is only true for the campaign.
  • The ability to transfer mana from the Blood Mage to friendly units can be very useful, especially when supplying healers such as Priests or a Paladin with enough mana to heal your troops.
Siphon Mana Counters
  • This spell is a "leash" spell and must be maintained to get the full effect. If the targeted unit passes out of range, the spell will end prematurely.

Phoenix (Ultimate)

Summons a powerful Phoenix. The Phoenix burns with such intensity that it damages itself and nearby enemy units. Has Spell Immunity, and Resistant Skin. When a Phoenix dies, it creates an egg that will hatch into a Phoenix.
Cooldown Mana Cost Effect Hero Level Req
180 sec. 175 Summons a Phoenix 6
  • This is useful for creating a powerful unit. Casting Phoenix when you already control a Phoenix results in the original Phoenix being destroyed, in much the same manner as Feral Spirit. Learn more.
  • The only way to kill the phoenix is by destroying the egg before it hatches into a new phoenix.

Manual description

A mystical Hero, adept at controlling magic and ranged assaults. Though still members of the Alliance, the Blood Elves have begun to turn to the darkest parts of magic, abandoning the water and frost spells of the Kirin Tor for the fire and heat of what some people fear to be Demonic magic. Attacks land and air units.

World Editor description

Mystical Hero, adept at controlling magic and ranged assaults. Can learn Flame Strike, Banish, Siphon Mana and Phoenix.


Patch changes

Patch 1.17 (09/20/2004)
  • Base cooldown decreased to 1.64 from 2.31
  • Flamestrike damage cap set to the equivalent of 6 targets, up from 5.
  • Banish now costs mana 75/60/50 by level, down from 75 at all levels.
and has a 0-second cooldown at all levels, down from 5/3/1 seconds.
  • Siphon Mana drain per second has been reduced to 15/30/45 from 18/35/55.
  • Siphon Mana has been reworked. It now transfers mana from an enemy to the
Blood Mage, or from the Blood Mage to an ally. Additionally, Siphon Mana
can push the Blood Mage's mana up to as much as twice its normal maximum
value, though mana gained in this way drains off rapidly if not used.
Patch 1.15 (05/11/2004)
  • Flamestrike damage capped to 5 targets. If more than 5 targets are hit, the
damage done to 5 targets normally is split evenly across all available targets.
  • Banished Workers can no longer build and repair, although
Acolytes can still Summon buildings, as that's considered magical.
Patch 1.13 (12/17/2003)
  • Banish duration decreased to 12(4) / 15(5) / 18(6) from 12(5) / 24(7) / 36(9),
mana cost increased to 75 at all levels from 75/50/25,
and cooldown decreased to 5 / 3 / 1 from 10 at all levels.
  • Siphon Mana maximum range reduced to 80 from 85.

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