Blood Moon

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NeutralBlood Moon
Image of Blood Moon
Race Blood orb (Uncategorized)
Health 1,000 Blood Units
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zeth'gol, Tanaan Jungle [22.2, 50.2]
Status Active

The Blood Moon is an event that occurs in Zeth'Gol in Tanaan Jungle, the purpose of it to empower Kilrogg Deadeye using a massive amount of blood magic.

It cannot be attacked by normal means, so in order to defeat the Blood Moon you will need to gather the Drained Blood Crystals that are scattered around Zeth'Gol. Upon being fully drained, the Blood Moon will spawn Remnant of the Blood Moon.


Event announcement
The blast of a large horn sounds in the distance.
Bleeding Hollow Herald yells: The Blood Moon rises and strengthens our chieftain! Rejoice Bleeding Hollow, soon he will be unstoppable!
Completely drained
Bleeding Hollow Herald yells: The Blood Moon has been drained! Quickly, animate the remains and salvage what power is left!
Remnant dies
Bleeding Hollow Herald yells: Curse you interlopers! The Blood Moon will rise again!

Patch changes and hotfixes

  • Hotfix (2015-09-21): "To reduce the number of Drained Blood Crystal needed to start the encounter, the health of the Blood Moon has been reduced to 1000 (down from 10,000)."
The UI still displays the total health bar as 10,000 but the amount of health now starts at the 1000 mark.

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