Blood River war

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Blood River war
Blood River war
Location: Draenor (exact location unknown)
Outcome: Decisive Dark Scar clan defeat
  • The Dark Scar clan is destroyed
Commanders and leaders
  • Unknown Dark Scar leader(s)
Casualties and losses
  • Unknown
  • Very heavy

The Blood River war was a conflict which occurred on the planet of Draenor, years before the First War. Few details are known of the war and its belligerents, though the orcish Frostwolf clan and the Dark Scar clan were known to have fought against one another in it. Ultimately, the Dark Scar lost the war and were utterly destroyed upon its conclusion.[1]

During the conflict, the Frostwolf warrior Kash'drakor famously wielded the legendary axe  [Serathil]. Incidentally, Kash'drakor is the only known character to have taken part in the war, and possibly served as a leader among the Frostwolves.


  • It is not clear what race the Dark Scar clan belonged to, although they were most likely either other orcs or ogres.
  • It is unknown whether there were several or more belligerents in the war, or whether it was just between the Frostwolf and Dark Scar clans.
  • Kash'drakor's last living descendant today, Nazgrel, still wields his father's famous axe.