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The Blood Thirsty Challenge is a challenge, similar to the Ironman Challenge, of gameplay where one must make a character in very unusual circumstances. It consists of armor, weapon, quest, addon, specialization, potion and food regulations. Most importantly, death is prohibited, lest you restart at level one.


  1. Do Not Die! - the most important rule of the challenge.
  2. Minimal Quests Completed - You are allowed to complete up to 10 quests per level until level 10 and then 3 quests per level from level 11+ before becoming flagged.
  3. No Potions, Elixirs, or Flasks used. This includes Healthstones, unless a warlock.
  4. Your Killing Blow / Total Kills percentage must be 50% or higher.
    • Kills that grant Experience or Honor must be past a certain threshold: 10 kills / Level up until Level 10 and then (Level * 2) + Floor (Level / 10) for Level 11+... cumulative. For a level 10 character this means you need 100 kills. For a level 30 952 kills in total and for max level 10,549.
  5. Cannot join a party, raid or group with the intent of getting help to further yourself in the challenge.
  6. No Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cataclysm, Pandaria dungeons or raids completed.
  7. No Battlegrounds or Arenas allowed.
  8. Cannot be a member of a Guild that is higher than Level 1.
  9. No Primary Professions allowed.
  10. No Secondary Professions allowed EXCEPT FIRST AID.
  11. No Talents, Specs or Glyphs allowed.
    • Skills you have from your class (like Warlock Healthstones or Death Knight weapon enchants) ARE ALLOWED since these are available to your class without having to pick a talent, spec or glyph.
  12. No more than 9 pet battles.
  13. No gear higher than White quality.
    • No enchantments on your gear (DK Rune Empowerment is an exception as it is a class skill).
    • Shirts are allowed.
    • Tabards are allowed as long as they do not provide a boost / gain / skill that your character wouldn't normally have. These tabards are NOT allowed:
      • Argent Crusader's Tabard - allows you to teleport to Argent Tournament.
      • Baradin's Wardens Tabard - allows you to teleport to Baradin's Hold Alliance Camp.
      • Hellscream's Reach Tabard - allows you to teleport to Baradin's Hold Horde Camp.
  14. Cannot boost your character.
  15. No food or other external buffs are allowed. Class abilities, racials and personal buffs (eg. Kings if you're a Paladin) are okay!
  16. No Refer-a-Friend or other XP-boosting activites, gear or buffs (Darkmoon Faire, Herilooms, Garrison potion, etc).
  17. No combat or leveling guide add-ons.
  18. The heirloom mount *should not* be used before level 20, since your character wouldn't normally have access to riding if they were a brand new character on a new account.


  • All mounts, after level 20.
  • All bags/containers
  • All quests (including holiday and daily quests)
  • You may train and use all your class skills (including your own buffs)

Challenge met

Octavian, using a troll hunter by the name of Kripparrian on the Turalyon realm was the first person to complete this challenge from level 1 to 85.

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