Blood of the Betrayer

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NeutralBlood of the Betrayer
Start Zazzo Twinklefingers
End Zazzo Twinklefingers
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Rogue
Reputation +500 Ravenholdt
Rewards 16g 54s
Previous N Rogue [85] Our Man in Karazhan
Next N Rogue [85] Victory in the Depths

This rogue-only quest is the tenth part of the chain to obtain the legendary dagger set Fangs of the Father. It is the last of three [Stealth]-based and two assassination missions.


Sneak into the Master's Cellar in the ruins around Karazhan, defeat Nalice, and acquire a Vial of Black Dragonsblood.


I've pinpointed Nalice to the Master's Cellar, an extended basement you'll find in the ruins up ahead.

Dragon cultists are everywhere, and Nalice has set up some strange arcane storage devices throughout the area. Perhaps you can use those to your advantage?

Sneak past the cultists, obliterate Nalice, and grab a vial of her blood for Wrathion.

I'll keep my eyes on you and pull you out if you get into any trouble. But I'm NOT coming in there with you!


You will receive: 16g 54s


Nalice. Dead?


You did it? She´s dead? Unbelievable! You´re some kind of miracle-worker!

Here, let me see that blood. I can preserve its energies in an arcane matrix for your trip back...


Nalice says: An assassin! Did the little whelpling send you after me? Come rogue. Let's dance.
Arcane Pillar
Nalice says: I've got some secrets of my own, rogue.
Nalice says: I... I need more time!
10% Health
Nalice says: This isn't how it ends. Not for me. I'm a survivor.
Nalice says: You cling to a shattered world... Your time comes... Soon enough...


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