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The Charred Vale.jpg
Charred Vale
Main leader

Harpy Harpy

Base of operations
Theater of operations

Destroyed (presumed)

The Bloodfuries were a group of red-white-plumaged harpies found residing in the Charred Vale in the Stonetalon Mountains. They have encroached in that zone and refuse the druids passage within to begin regrowth.[1]

They are the source of the increasing number of harpies in Kalimdor; they encroach upon all likes of life preventing the innocent from leaving their boundaries.[2]

Their leader, all but a queen to them, can be found along the western hill line in the Charred Vale.[3]

During the Shattering, the Bloodfuries were likely killed off by the erupting volcano or were convinced to leave long before the Shattering even happened to allow the druids to restore the area. Only Sister Riven still roams the area east of the Charred Vale.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
NeutralIconSmall Harpy.gif Bloodfury Ripper Leader, ripper Unknown Charred Vale, Stonetalon Mountains
NeutralIconSmall Harpy.gif Riven Sister Killable Charred Vale, Stonetalon Mountains