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The Bloodmire
The Bloodmire

The Bloodmire is a battleground between the Horde of Stonard and the Alliance of Marshtide Watch in the Swamp of Sorrows. Alarmed by the presence of Stonard so close to their borders, the Alliance have begun an aggressive push to get the Horde out of the swamp. The battle between the two factions is nearly evenly matched.

The battle has several stages, which can be seen by progressing through the related questline (which starts from Joanna Blueheart for Alliance or Dispatch Commander Ruag for Horde):

  1. Stonard Warriors fight Marshtide Footmen, rallied by Horde wardrummers and Alliance clerics. Marshtide Peasants and Stonard Peons collect lumber for their respective side on the fringes.
  2. As the battle progresses, Stonard Ogres and Marshtide Knights appear, summoned in by Stonard Warlocks and Marshtide Mages, respectively. Corpses from both factions now litter the ground.
  3. At the battle's conclusion, Marshtide's forces invade Stonard, and Marshtide Invaders are narrowly fought off by the Stonard Defenders.

The quests draw influence from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, mirroring it right down to the NPCs fighting through the swamp. Several siege weapons are also scattering the area, including a wrecked steam tank, several ballistae, blade throwers and a siege engine.

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