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Zone map

Bloodmyst Isle is a level 11-20 Alliance zone just north of Azuremyst Isle and is the second place draenei players visit on their questing journeys. Major conflicts on the island include battles against the irradiated wildlife, the local satyrs and the blood elves known as Sunhawks. Most of the questing is done from Blood Watch in the center of the island, though there are a couple of other questing hubs.

Kessel's Crossing

The first place Draenei players arrive is Kessel's Crossing, right on the border between Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle. There, Kessel has numerous quests for them revolving around defending the crossing from the threats of the Blood Elves and the Naga. Other quests in the area involve collecting fruit from the island and balancing the local ecosystem after the Exodar's crash unbalanced it.

  1. A [11] Alien Predators
  2. A [12] A Favorite Treat
  3. A [13] Saving Princess Stillpine (ends in Blood Watch)

Kessel's Quests:

  1. A [12] The Kessel Run (takes place on Azuremyst Isle)
  2. A [13] Declaration of Power
  3. A [13] Report to Exarch Admetius (to Blood Watch)

With A [13] Saving Princess Stillpine and A [13] Report to Exarch Admetius, players move on to Blood Watch.

Blood Watch

In Blood Watch, players have many quest lines dedicated to the defense of Bloodmyst Isle against the myriad threats being faced by the newly-arrived Draenei. In order to combat these threats, there are Vindicators who offer specific quest chains dedicated to countering each threat. The quest chains intertwine with each other to lead to the ultimate goal of the safety of the island.


The main Vindicator giving quests to defeat the Sunhawks is Vindicator Boros. Upon arriving at Blood Watch from the quest A [13] Report to Exarch Admetius, players are sent to Boros who immediately sends them into the field to terminate Sunhawks and collect crystals.

  1. A [15] What Argus Means to Me
  2. A [15] Blood Watch
  3. A [15] Irradiated Crystal Shards

After some time, players can then help Vindicator Boros as he searches for information on how the Sunhawks are fighting so valiantly against the Draenei. They discover the existence of Sun Gates - portals to Outland that the Sunhawks are using to summon reinforcements. This information is taken to Prophet Velen in A [16] Audience with the Prophet. He proposes that the Sun Gates can be located by the presence of Void anomalies. Using these Void Anomalies, players locate the Sun Gates and then destroy them in A [18] The Sun Gate.

Vindicator Boros:

  1. A [16] Intercepting the Message
  2. A [16] Translations...
  3. A [16] Audience with the Prophet
  4. A [16] Truth or Fiction
  5. A [16] I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness

Vindicator Kuros:

  1. A [17] The Cryo-Core

On finding Galaen's Journal, players discover that Vindicator Saruan, a Draenei leader, was captured and tortured by the Sunhawks before being brutally transformed into some sort of abomination. On hearing this, Vindicator Kuros is furious and has players capture the Blood Elf responsible, Matis the Cruel so he may be brought to justice.

  1. A [18] Galaen's Journal - The Fate of Vindicator Saruan
  2. A [18G] Matis the Cruel

Vindicator Aesom:

  1. A [18] Don't Drink the Water
  2. A [18] Limits of Physical Exhaustion
  3. A [18] The Sun Gate

Having learned of the torture of Vindicator Saruan and destroyed the Sun Gates, players are directed to Exarch Admetius himself for the final stage of the plan to destroy the Sunhawks - destroying the Vector Coil. Players interrogate a Sunhawk prisoner to learn the weaknesses of the Vector Coil and are then dispatched to Vindicator's Rest to prepare the way for the assault. This starts the Vindicator's Rest quest lines.

  1. A [20] What We Know...
  2. A [20] What We Don't Know...
  3. A [20] Vindicator's Rest

Crystal Corruption

Harbinger Mikolaas is concerned with the nature of the crystals that were scattered around Bloodmyst Isle by the Exodar's crash, and the effects they are having on the local wildlife. He has players travel around and collect three crystal samples from the island so he can properly study them and their effects.

  1. A [11] Learning from the Crystals
  2. A [14] The Missing Survey Team
  3. A [14] Salvaging the Data
  4. A [14] The Second Sample
  5. A [18] The Final Sample

Other Draenei leaders are more concerned with the effects that the crystals are having and have players collect samples from the mutated Water Elementals and slay the mutated Spiders.

  1. A [19] The Missing Expedition


Vindicator Aalesia has players join the fight against the Burning Legion by investigating and slaying the satyrs of Bloodmyst Isle. It is discovered that the Satyrs are trying to contact the Legion in A [14] Signs of the Legion, so the Satyrs must be destroyed.

  1. A [14] Know Thine Enemy
  2. A [14] Signs of the Legion
  3. A [18] Containing the Threat


There are several miscellaneous quests not related to the battle for survival that players can accept in Blood Watch.

Morae is investigating the Murlocs of the area and has players tag some of them for her, then goes on to investigate the treants and has players collect samples.

  1. A [13] Catch and Release
  2. A [12] Cruelfin's Necklace
  3. A [14] Victims of Corruption

Jessera of Mac'Aree asks players to collect mushrooms from around Bloodmyst Isle for her collection in A [14] Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie and then from Wyrmscar Island in A [18] Ysera's Tears.

  1. A [14] Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie
  2. A [18] Ysera's Tears

Tracker Lyceon has players collect materials from around the island so he can fashion them into tools to help the draenei cause.

  1. A [15] Constrictor Vines
  2. A [16] The Bear Necessities
  3. A [16] Culling the Flutterers
  4. A [17] WANTED: Deathclaw

Clopper Wizbang needs help studying the Blacksilt murlocs on the North of the island, then thanks players who help him with a Treasure Map. This leads them on a trip all around the island until the eventual discovery of  [Nolkai's Box].

  1. A [17] Explorers' League, Is That Something for Gnomes?
  2. A [17] Pilfered Equipment
  3. A [17] Artifacts of the Blacksilt
  4. A [16] A Map to Where?
  5. A [16] Deciphering the Book
  6. A [16] Nolkai's Words

Morae later asks players to find her husband Galaen, though it is discovered that he is dead and players return to Morae with this sad news.

  1. A [18] Searching for Galaen
  2. A [18] Galaen's Fate

Harbinger Mikolaas sends players onwards to Vindicator's Rest in A [18] Talk to the Hand while Exarch Admetius sends them in Vindicator's Rest, moving the quest hub to Vindicator's Rest.

  1. A [18] Talk to the Hand

Vindicator's Rest

In Vindicator's Rest, players must first help Scout Jorli return to Blood Watch for medical help and then slay the Void critters that wounded him. This brings players back to Blood Watch before returning to Vindicator's Rest.

  1. A [17] Cutting a Path
  2. A [18] Critters of the Void

Another quest involves rescuing members of a research expedition captured by spiders:

  1. A [19] They're Alive! Maybe...

On returning, players can join Vindicator Corin in clearing out all the threats around Vindicator's Rest before assaulting the Vector Coil itself and destroying it in A [20] Ending Their World

  1. A [18] Oh, the Tangled Webs They Weave
  2. A [19] Fouled Water Spirits
  3. A [20] Clearing the Way
  4. A [20] Ending Their World

Players can return to the Exodar to talk to Prophet Velen and be congratulated for their work.

  1. A IconSmall Draenei Male.gifIconSmall Draenei Female.gif [20] The Unwritten Prophecy

Wyrmscar Island

Messenger Hermesius will deliver players an urgent message from Admiral Odesyus, who sends them to Wyrmscar Island. On the Island, the long-dead Captain Edward Hanes has them help defeat the Naga of the island and end the mysterious Bloodcurse that is afflicting the souls of those who died on the island.

  1. A [18] Urgent Delivery
  2. A [18] The Bloodcurse Legacy
  3. A [18] The Bloodcursed Naga
  4. A [18] The Hopeless Ones...
  5. A [19] Ending the Bloodcurse

Also on the island, Prince Toreth has players retrieve Dragon bones from thieving Wildkin and then release the trapped spirits of the Emerald Whelps on the island, before slaying the abomination Razormaw.

  1. A [18] Restoring Sanctity
  2. A [19] Into the Dream
  3. A [21G] Razormaw

After this, onwards to Valaar's Berth to take a boat and begin the Ashenvale storyline.

Full quest list

Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
A [11] Alien Predators Vorkhan the Elekk Herder Vorkhan the Elekk Herder 880 +250 Exodar  [2 Stone Sledgehammer] or  [Elekk Handler's Blade] or  [Old Elekk Prod] or  [Surplus Bastard Sword]
Keep the populations of Outland Ravagers low so as not to disrupt the local ecosystem.
A [12] A Favorite Treat Aonar Aonar 910 +250 Exodar  [Sand Pear Pie] x20 and  [Elekk Handler's Leathers] or  [Farmhand's Vest] or  [Elekk Rider's Mail]
Gather sand pears from the island to make Aonar's delicious Sand Pear Pie.
A [12] The Kessel Run Kessel Kessel 910 +250 Exodar -- Warn the Draenei's allies on Azuremyst Isle that the Blood Elven Sunhawks intend to attack the Exodar soon.
A [13] Declaration of Power Kessel Kessel 910 +250 Exodar  [Kessel's Cinch Wrap] or  [Kessel's Sweat Stained Elekk Leash] or  [Kessel's Sturdy Riding Handle]
Get revenge on the Naga to the North who attacked Kessel's Crossing by slaying their leader Lord Xiz
A [13] Saving Princess Stillpine Princess Stillpine Stillpine Ambassador Frasaboo 1,150 +250 Exodar  [Stillpine Shocker] or  [The Thumper] Rescue Princess Stillpine from her Bristlelimb captors before she is sacrificed.
A [13] Report to Exarch Admetius Kessel Exarch Admetius 90 +10 Exodar -- Travel to Blood Watch to join the ranks of the Hand and defend the Draenei.
A [15] What Argus Means to Me Exarch Admetius Vindicator Boros 105 +10 Exodar -- Find Vindicator Boros and begin training with the Hand.
A [15] Blood Watch Vindicator Boros Vindicator Boros 1,050 +250 Exodar  [Fist of Argus] or  [Blade of Argus] or  [Hand of Argus Crossfire] Train by terminating the Blood Elves that are battling the Draenei across Bloodmyst Isle.
A [15] Irradiated Crystal Shards Vindicator Boros Vindicator Boros 1,050 +250 Exodar  [Crystal of Vitality] or  [Crystal of Insight] or  [Crystal of Ferocity] Collect the fouled crystals dispensed by the Exodar's crash and return them to Vindicator Boros.
A [11] Learning from the Crystals Harbinger Mikolaas Harbinger Mikolaas 880 +250 Exodar  [Crystal-Flecked Pants] or  [Crystal-Studded Legguards] or  [Shard-Covered Leggings]
Collect samples of the crystals all over the island for Harbinger Mikolaas' studies.
A [14] The Missing Survey Team Harbinger Mikolaas Draenei Cartographer 980 +150 Exodar -- Find Mikolaas' survey team that hasn't reported back yet.
A [14] Salvaging the Data Draenei Cartographer Harbinger Mikolaas 980 +250 Exodar  [Surveyor's Mantle]
Recover the missing Data Crystal of the survey team from the Naga and bring it back to Blood Watch.
A [14] The Second Sample Harbinger Mikolaas Harbinger Mikolaas 980 +250 Exodar 6s Collect a crystal sample from the Bladewood area controlled by the Blood Elves.
A [18] The Final Sample Harbinger Mikolaas Harbinger Mikolaas 1,350 +250 Exodar 10s Collect the final crystal sample from the Axxarien stronghold controlled by the Satyrs.
A [14] Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie Jessera of Mac'Aree Jessera of Mac'Aree 980 +250 Exodar  [Jessera's Fungus Lined Cuffs] or  [Jessera's Fungus Lined Bands] or  [Jessera's Fungus Lined Bracers]
Collect mushrooms from all around Bloodmyst Isle for Jessera's collection.
A [13] Catch and Release Morae Morae 910 +250 Exodar  [Protective Field Grips] or  [Researcher's Gloves] or  [Scholar's Gloves]
Help Morae with her studies by tagging the Blacksilt Murlocs.
A [12] Cruelfin's Necklace Red Crystal Pendant Morae 910 +250 Exodar 5s Bring the Red Crystal Pendant to Morae at Blood Watch for investigation.
A [14] Victims of Corruption Morae Morae 980 +250 Exodar 6s Bring samples of corrupted bark from around the island so Morae can study the extend of the corruption caused by the Exodar.
A [14] Know Thine Enemy Vindicator Aalesia Vindicator Aalesia 980 +250 Exodar 6s Travel to Nazzivian and investigate the Satyrs living there.
A [14] Signs of the Legion Tzerak's Armor Plate Vindicator Aalesia 980 +250 Exodar 6s Slay the Nazzivus Satyrs before they can launch an invasion on Azeroth.
A [18] Containing the Threat Vindicator Aalesia Vindicator Aalesia 1,350 +250 Exodar  [Huntsman's Crossbow] or  [Lightspark]
Destroy the forces of Zevrax and his Axxarien Satyrs and recover the Exodar crystals they have been gathering.
A [16] Intercepting the Message Vindicator Boros Vindicator Boros 1,150 +250 Exodar -- Find a Sunhawk agent and take the Sunhawk Missive to bring back to Blood Watch.
A [16] Translations... Vindicator Boros Interrogator Elysia 115 +10 Exodar -- Take the Sunhawk Missive to Interrogator Elysia for translation.
A [16] Audience with the Prophet Interrogator Elysia Prophet Velen 1,150 +250 Exodar -- Take the Sunhawk Missive to Prophet Velen personally.
A [16] Truth or Fiction Prophet Velen Vindicator Boros 290 +25 Exodar -- Return to Vindicator Boros with Velen's plan of action against the Sunhawks.
A [16] I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness Vindicator Boros Vindicator Boros 1,150 +250 Exodar  [Vindicator's Soft Sole Slippers] or  [Vindicator's Leather Moccasins] or  [Vindicator's Stompers] Investigate the locations of the mysterious Sun Portals by finding their residue.
A [17] The Cryo-Core Vindicator Kuros Vindicator Kuros 3,550 +250 Exodar  [Vindicator's Smasher] or  [Vindicator's Walking Stick] or  [Vindicator's Letter Opener] Go to the newly-discovered Cryo-Core and search for medical supplies and survivors.
A [15] Constrictor Vines Tracker Lyceon Tracker Lyceon 1,050 +250 Exodar 7s Collect Thorny Constrictor Vines for Tracker Lyceon so he can create traps.
A [16] The Bear Necessities Tracker Lyceon Tracker Lyceon 1,150 +250 Exodar 8s Collect Brown Bear Meat for Tracker Lyceon so he can prepare it for consumption.
A [16] Culling the Flutterers Tracker Lyceon Tracker Lyceon 3,410 +250 Exodar  [Cincture of Woven Reeds] or  [Ornately Tooled Belt] or  [Segmented Girdle]
Eliminate the mutated flutterers on the island before they can spread the corruption elsewhere.
A [17] WANTED: Deathclaw Wanted Poster Harbinger Mikolaas 1,250 +250 Exodar  [Carved Crystalline Orb] or  [Peacekeeper's Buckler]
Slay the terrifying bear Deathclaw and collect the bounty placed on him.
Alliance 15.png [17] Explorer's League,
Is That Something for Gnomes?
Prospector Nachlan Clopper Wizbang 315 -- -- Find Clopper Wizbang where he has set up camp for his research.
A [17] Pilfered Equipment Clopper Wizbang Clopper Wizbang 1,250 +250 Gnomeregan 9s Retrieve Clopper's Equipment from the Murlocs who stole it.
A [17] Artifacts of the Blacksilt Clopper Wizbang Clopper Wizbang 1,250 +250 Gnomeregan  [Weathered Treasure Map]
Retrieve some Murloc items for Clopper Wizbang to bring back to Ironforge for study.
A [16] A Map to Where? Weathered Treasure Map Battered Ancient Book 1,150 +250 Darnassus -- Follow the map to where it leads and find what is hidden there.
A [16] Deciphering the Book Battered Ancient Book Anchorite Paetheus 1,150 +250 Exodar -- Bring the mysterious book to Anchorite Paetheus for translation in Blood Watch.
A [16] Nolkai's Words Anchorite Paetheus Mound of Dirt 1,150 +250 Darnassus  [Nolkai's Box] Find the treasure described in Nolkai's book where he buried it on the island.
A [18] Searching for Galaen Morae Galaen's Corpse 1,350 +250 Exodar -- Find Morae's husband Galaen, whether he is dead or alive.
A [18] Galaen's Fate Galaen's Corpse Morae 1,350 +250 Exodar  [Cryo-Core Attendant's Boots] or  [Lightweight Mesh Boots] or  [Technician's Boots]
Retrieve Galaen's Amulet from the Blood Elves and return to Morae.
A [18] Don't Drink the Water Vindicator Aesom Vindicator Aesom 1,350 +250 Exodar -- Collect samples from the water corrupted by the Vector Coil.
A [18] Limits of Physical Exhaustion Vindicator Aesom Vindicator Aesom 1,350 +250 Exodar -- As the battle against the Sunhawks comes to its climax, strike at their numbers.
A [18] The Sun Gate Vindicator Aesom Vindicator Aesom 1,350 +250 Exodar -- Take out the Sungate to cut off the Sunhawk reinforcements from Outland.
Alliance 15.png [18] Galaen's Journal -
The Fate of Vindicator Saruan
Galaen's Journal Vindicator Kuros 1,000 +150 Exodar -- Bring Galaen's Journal to Vindicator Kuros so he may know what transpired.
A [18G] Matis the Cruel Vindicator Kuros Vindicator Kuros 1,350 +250 Exodar  [Vindicator's Woolies] or  [Vindicator's Leather Chaps] or  [Vindicator's Iron Legguards] Find and capture the Sunhawk commander Matis the Cruel so he may be brought to justice for his crimes.
A [19] The Missing Expedition Achelus Achelus 1,450 +250 Exodar 30s Slay the mutated spiders of Bloodmyst Isle and their queen Zarakh.
A [18] Talk to the Hand Harbinger Mikolaas Scout Jorli 135 -- -- Head to Vindicator's Rest, a forward base set up by the Hand of Argus.
A [17] Cutting a Path Scout Jorli Scout Jorli 1,250 +250 Exodar -- Eliminate some of the nearby Ravagers so Jorli can get to Blood Watch for medical help.
A [18] Critters of the Void Scout Loryi Vindicator Aesom 1,000 +150 Exodar -- Slay some of the Void critters that are being spawned by the sun gate's energy.
A [19] They're Alive! Maybe... Researcher Cornelius Researcher Cornelius 3,820 +250 Exodar  [Venomous Silk Cover] Rescue members of Researcher Cornelius' team before they are eaten by spiders.
A [20] What We Know... Vindicator Aesom Exarch Admetius 155 +10 Exodar -- Speak to Exarch Admetius to learn the next stage of the plan to eliminate the Sunhawks.
A [20] What We Don't Know... Exarch Admetius Exarch Admetius 1,150 +150 Exodar -- Interrogate a Blood Elven captor and learn the weaknesses of the Vector Coil.
A [20] Vindicator's Rest Exarch Admetius Vindicator Corin 390 +25 Exodar -- Join Vindicator Corin to help clear the way for the assault on the Vector Coil.
Alliance 15.png [20] Clearing the Way Vindicator Corin Vindicator Corin 1,950 +350 Exodar  [Flutterer Silk Handwraps] or  [Ravager Hide Gloves] or  [Corin's Handguards] Soften the Sunhawk's defenses by culling some of them for Vindicator Corin.
A [19] Fouled Water Spirits Vindicator Corin Vindicator Corin 1,450 +250 Exodar 11s Slay the fouled water spirits before the Sunhawks can use them.
A [18] Oh, the Tangled Webs They Weave Vindicator Corin Vindicator Corin 1,700 +250 Exodar 10s Slay the Mutated Tanglers of the area so they don't get in the way of the attack on the Sunhawks.
A [20] Ending Their World Demolitionist Legoso Exarch Admetius 2,350 +500 Exodar  [Blade of the Hand] or  [Crossbow of the Hand] or  [Mace of the Hand] or  [Staff of the Hand]
Join the attack on the Vector Coil, defending Legoso as he plants explosives around the coil and slay Sironas, the Sunhawk's leader.
A IconSmall Draenei Male.gifIconSmall Draenei Female.gif [20] The Unwritten Prophecy Prophet Velen Prophet Velen -- +500 Exodar  [Tabard of the Hand] and  [Signet Ring of the Hand] or  [Signet Ring of the Hand] Talk to Prophet Velen and be presented with the honored symbols of the Hand of Argus.
A [18] Urgent Delivery Messenger Hermesius Messenger Hermesius -- -- -- Check your mailbox for an urgent message from Admiral Odesyus.
A [18] The Bloodcurse Legacy A Letter from the Admiral Captain Edward Hanes 340 +25 Stormwind -- Find Captain Edward Hanes, the captain who died 20 years ago, on Wyrmscar Island.
A [18] The Bloodcursed Naga Captain Edward Hanes Captain Edward Hanes 1,350 +250 Stormwind -- Eliminate the bloodcursed Naga from Wyrmscar Island.
A [18] The Hopeless Ones... Captain Edward Hanes Captain Edward Hanes 1,350 +250 Stormwind -- Retrieve the souls of those afflicted by the bloodcurse so they may be released.
A [19] Ending the Bloodcurse Captain Edward Hanes Captain Edward Hanes 1,450 +250 Stormwind  [Wheel of the Lost Hope] Summon and battle Atoph the Bloodcursed on Bloodcurse Isle to end the Bloodcurse forever.
A [18] Ysera's Tears Jessera of Mac'Aree Jessera of Mac'Aree 1,350 +250 Exodar  [Jessera's Fungus Lined Tunic] or  [Jessera's Fungus Lined Vest] or  [Jessera's Fungus Lined Hauberk]
Retrieve the rare mushroom Ysera's Tear from Wyrmscar Island for Jessera.
A [18] Restoring Sanctity Prince Toreth Prince Toreth 1,350 +250 Darnassus -- Retrieve the stolen Dragon Bones from the Wildkin and bring them back to Wyrmscar Island.
A [19] Into the Dream Prince Toreth Prince Toreth 1,450 +250 Darnassus -- Free the spirits of the trapped Veridian whelps on Wyrmscar Island.
A [21G] Razormaw Prince Toreth Prince Toreth 1,650 +500 Exodar  [Robe of the Dragon Slayer] or  [Breastplate of the Dragon Slayer] or  [Vest of the Dragon Slayer] Destroy Razormaw, a lieutenant of Deathwing kept alive by pure hatred.
A [15] Newfound Allies Anchorite Paetheus Huntress Kella Nightbow 2,380 +75 Darnassus -- Travel to Valaar's Berth with a letter requesting entry into the Alliance.