Bloodpetal Pest

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AllianceBloodpetal Pest
Image of Bloodpetal Pest
Race Bloodpetal (Elemental)
Level 40
Health 533
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location WoW Icon update.png Marshal's Refuge, Un'Goro Crater [42.8, 5.9]
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Muigin (creator)

Bloodpetal Pests are plants which can be found at Marshal's Refuge in Un'Goro Crater. [42.8, 5.9] Unlike most Bloodpetal, these Pests seem to understand common, for they obey Muigin's commands.[1]


The Bloodpetal Pests were planted -some were trained- by the human Muigin to annoy his partner, Larion, for the first thinks it's the latter's fault that the expedition was imprisoned at the Refuge.

During the quest chain given by Muigin, he finds out that these Bloodpetal possess minimal intelligence,[2] after discovering this, Muigin decides to have full control over them.[3] With a small aid from Gregan Brewspewer, the Alliance adventurers go to the Temple of Atal'Hakkar and collect the necessary Atal'ai Hazes for Muigin put his plan in motion. Muigin apparently succeeds in his plan.[4]

As indirect Alliance Guards

With Larion's affiliation with the Horde, the Bloodpetal Pests attack every Horde player whom enters Marshal's Refuge, acting -indirectly- as guards and protectors of Alliance players, although their damage is extremely low. Even so, their considerable numbers in the area makes Marshal's Refuge a more Alliance-friendly camp, even though it's a neutral quest hub.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The pests have vanished for unknown reasons after the Shattering, however, similar Bloodpetal -called Juvenile Bloodpetal- can be found at the northeast of Un'Goro Crater.


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