Bloodscale Overseer

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MobBloodscale Overseer
Image of Bloodscale Overseer
Race Naga (Beast)
Level 60 - 62
Class Warrior
Health 5,158 - 5,341
Wealth 9s 31c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bloodscale
Location Zangarmarsh
Status Killable

Bloodscale Overseers are hostile naga found in Zangarmarsh. They give 5 reputation point per kill towards Cenarion Expedition until Friendly. If you aggro one of them, they will call a Dreghood Drudge for help, which will attack you until the Bloodscale Overseer is killed.


  • Curse of Nazjatar - Increases magical damage taken by the target enemy by 50%.
  • Hamstring - Inflicts 20% weapon damage to an enemy, reducing its movement speed for 5 sec.


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