Bloodthistle Petal

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Bloodthistle Petal is a caster buffing drug, grants +10 to spell power, served at Lord Saltheril's party for those who have finished the quest H [9] The Party Never Ends and are carrying [Saltheril's Haven Party Invitation] in their pack. It is only usable by blood elves. It is essentially the same as [Bloodthistle], except it is free, BoP, and has a carrying limit of 5. Be aware that after the buff runs out, the character gets a Bloodthistle Withdrawal debuff, which reduces Spirit by 5 for 20 minutes, unless more bloodthistle is consumed (either kind), renewing the buff and delaying the withdrawal.

Bloodthistle Petal in a bowl


This item is served for free on platters on the tables at the party in Saltheril's Haven in Eversong Woods. After you loot one, it will respawn after a short time.

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  •  [Bloodthistle] has additional lore and more options for removing the debuff.

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