Bloodvalor's Notes

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  • Bloodvalor's Notes
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Knight-Lord Bloodvalor's handwritten instructions to candidates for the Blood Knight rank of Adept."

Bloodvalor's Notes were provided as an objective for H Paladin [23D] The Path of the Adept.


Bloodvalor's Notes


The creation of the blood-tempered ranseur requires a variety of rare and volatile materials, resulting in a fearsome weapon of superior craftsmanship. I will list the materials in order from easiest to most difficult to obtain.

Do not forget that you must also secure your Blood Knight insignia before the materials will be accepted and the forging process can begin.

Blood of the wrathful - In order to properly temper the metal of your weapon, it must be quenched in the blood of the wrathful. Though the blood of most demons holds a substantial amount of power, common blood is not sufficient for the forging of your ranseur.

Discreet inquiries with the warlocks of Orgrimmar have proven helpful in locating a supply of the blood. The Searing Blade cultists within Ragefire Chasm possess an orb filled with the kind of blood we'll need for your weapon. I am told the orb is guarded by an orc calling himself Jergosh the Invoker.

Exercise caution, as in all your dealings with demonic powers. You can never tell what might happen when handling such a powerful substance.

Crate of bloodforged ingots - On its own, steel is a fine metal, but a weapon forged from it is unremarkable. Bloodforged ingots represent a superior material created in a process that is a well-kept secret. Rumor has it that any smith bold enough to handle and work the metal becomes cursed, but our craftsmen have proven this false.

The metal's reputation increases its scarcity, but the Forsaken have sent word that a supply may exist within Shadowfang Keep. A skilled smith by the name of Landen Stilwell grew curious enough to smuggle a crate of ingots into the keep. It is not known where Stilwell keeps his stash, but our informant tells us the smith is being held prisoner in the keep's dungeon. Use any means at your disposal to obtain the ingots.

A corrupted kor gem - The magisters' tomes record that these gems are used by some spell casters to hold energy for their magics, making them even deadlier. Although purified versions of the gem can be safely used by journeyman spellcasters, they are too weak for our purposes.

In the caves of Blackfathom Deeps, naga spellcasters have imbued kor gems with their own dark powers, augmenting them in a way that makes them perfect for use in your ranseur. Slay them mercilessly until you have secured the gem you will need.

The insignia that you will wear as an adept was last carried by a brave and fearless Blood Knight from the Dawnstar family. His exemplary service is a good omen for your own life in the order.

Blood Knight Dawnstar led a daring, but unsuccessful attack on the Scourge stronghold of Deatholme. His body rests where he died, locked in combat with our greatest foes. Find him, <name>, and return his insignia to me. Your success will bring honor to him, to you, and to all true Blood Knights.

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