Blooming Genesaur

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MobBlooming Genesaur
Image of Blooming Genesaur
Race Genesaur (Giant)
Level 92
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Primals
Location Blademoon Bloom, Shadowmoon Valley [56.1, 73.2]
Status Killable

The Blooming Genesaur is a genesaur cultivated by the botani of the Blademoon Bloom in Shadowmoon Valley using the corpses of captured humanoids. It is the first reported case of a genesaur being born on Draenor in over three hundred years. Rangari Arepheon asks adventurers to help kill it before it has a chance to grow to maturity.[1]

Objective of

Needs to be killed for A [90] Gestating Genesaur.

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