Blue whelp

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Blue dragon whelp
Spell Eater.jpg

Medium Quadruped Dragon (Cold)

Character classes

Blue dragon whelp, Warrior

Racial leader(s)

Malygos (formerly)

Racial mount

Self-powered flight

Average height

4'2" (male)
4'0" (female)


170 - 180 lbs

Sources: Dark Factions, 40, 49

Blue whelps, also azure whelps, are the hatchlings of the blue dragonflight.



As a companion

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Blue whelps are the youngest blue dragons who are capable of any sort of combat. At only a few years of age, a blue whelp is already as intelligent as a fully grown human, but he lacks the maturity and grace of an adult. These young dragons delight in play, especially where magic is involved, and they would much rather have a new friend than an enemy. As such, whelps are usually friendly, but like most children they can be easily frightened or angered. Blue whelps are guardians of magic and constantly seek magical knowledge and artifacts to prevent evil forces from discovering them. The dragon is not overwhelmingly large, standing only about 6 feet in height, but his shimmering scales and brilliant eyes hint at the great power contained within his small frame.

If threatened, blue whelps usually flee. If no route of escape is available, they lash out viciously at their attackers, instinctively using their breath attacks as frequently as possible. They are smart enough to fly out of the range of melee attackers if they are in an open area, and they use their spells and breath to gradually wear their enemies down from above.[1]



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