Bluegill Oracle

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MobBluegill Oracle
Image of Bluegill Oracle
Race Murloc (Humanoid)
Level 21 - 22
Health 482
Mana 1,272
Wealth 55c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bluegill tribe
Occupation Oracle
Location Bluegill Marsh, Wetlands
Status Killable

Bluegill Oracles are murlocs located in Bluegill Marsh in the Wetlands.


  • Healing Ward - Summons a ward that lasts 30 sec. and periodically heals allies in an area around it.
  • Splash - A splash of water drenches all nearby enemies, dealing Frost damage and knocking them back a short distance.
  • Water Bolt - Hurls a watery bolt at an enemy, inflicting Frost damage.

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